Convair GTF-102A 'Delta Dagger'

  Base model:F-102
  Nickname:Delta Dagger
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Fighter
  Modified Mission:Trainer
  Status:Permanently Grounded

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Examples of this type may be found at
Selfridge Military Air MuseumSelfridge ANG BasMichigan


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 Mario do Pilar
 Curitiba, NS
Hottest friends of the Wonderfull world of aviation , I am trying to obtain walkaround photos of the QF-102 Drones from Willian Tell at Tyndall , 1982. Scale Aircraft Magazine (SAM) from England published a very good article about this meeting , and a so hot pic of one F-102 drone that I transformed it in wall poster. Now I want to model it in 1/48 scale (Monogram kit) and that's why I need some walkaround kind photos , also because the caouflage is very trick , with ADC gray, green , and Red (daiglo) fields around it . contact to : mariodopilar@hotmail.com
10/18/2002 @ 16:36 [ref: 5910]
 Kenneth D McAnally
 Iuka, MS
I was in the first USAF Squadron to receive the F-102 as an operational squadron in the 327th FIS at George AFB,Calif.We also took the first squadron to Thule,Greenland. I have some fond memories of this aircraft.I was also in the squadron from Richards-Gebaur AFB that won William Tell @ Tyndall AFB. I was an MG-3 Radar Tech and would love to hear from anyone out there who I may have served with during that time period.
Also are there any F-102 Archives anywhere to get printed info..
02/10/2002 @ 16:05 [ref: 4287]
 Chester D. Munn
 Wellington, NV
I am trying to locate Convair
TF 102A s/n # 54-1352. This aircraft had some very important history during it's first R/D operations. I understand that 1351 is at your museum and 1353 is at Fox Field in California, but where is or what happened to 1352?
I was the first crew chief on 1352. Hope you can help me, CDM
02/15/2001 @ 03:05 [ref: 1619]


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