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Convair F-102 (Delta Dagger)
Primary Role: Fighter  (USAF "F" 1948-Present)

DesignationModified RoleLocationSerial / Regist.
YF-102A  Louisiana ANG - New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana53-1787
F-102A  Arizona ANG - 162nd FG, Tucson Tucson, Arizona56-1134
   California ANG - 144th FW, Fresno Fresno, California53-1804
   Hill Aerospace Museum Hill AFB, Utah57-833
   Kelly Field Heritage Museum Kelly AFB, Texas56-1268
   March Field Air Museum Riverside, California56-1114
   McClellan Aviation Museum McClellan AFB, California56-1140
   Minnesota Air Guard Museum Minneapolis, Minnesota
   Minot AFB Minot AFB, North Dakota56-1505
   Montana ANG - 120th FG, Great Falls Great Falls, Montana56-1105
   Museum of Alaska Transportation & Industry Wasilla, Alaska
   Museum of Aviation Warner Robins AFB, Georgia57-906
   New York ANG - 106th RG, Westhampton Beach Westhampton Beach, New York57-788
   North Dakota ANG - 119th FG, Fargo Fargo, North Dakota56-1502
   Pennsylvania ANG - 171st ARW, Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania56-1415
   Peterson Air & Space Museum Peterson AFB, Colorado56-1109
   Pima Air & Space Museum Tucson, Arizona56-1393
   Sheppard AFB Air Park Sheppard AFB, Texas57-826
   South Carolina ANG - 169th FG, McEntire ANGB Columbia, South Carolina56-0985
   South Dakota ANG - 114th FG, Sioux Falls Sioux Falls, South Dakota53-1801
   South Dakota Air and Space Museum Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota56-1017
   Strategic Air Command Museum Ashland, Nebraska54-1405
   Texas ANG - 147th FG, Houston Houston, Texas56-1252
   The Air Museum "Planes of Fame" Chino, California
   Travis Air Force Museum Travis AFB, California56-1247
   Tyndall Air Park Tyndall AFB, Florida57-858
   USAF History and Traditions Museum San Antonio, Texas53-1817
   United States Air Force Museum Wright-Patterson, Ohio56-1416
   Vermont ANG - 158th FG, Burlington Burlington, Vermont55-3462
   Washington ANG - 141th ARW, Spokane Fairchild AFB, Washington56-1115
   Wings Over The Rockies Aviation & Space Museum Denver, Colorado56-984
   Wisconsin ANG - HQ Volk ANGB, Wisconsin56-1273
TF-102A Trainer Kelly Field Heritage Museum Kelly AFB, Texas56-2352
   Pima Air & Space Museum Tucson, Arizona54-1366
   USAF History and Traditions Museum San Antonio, Texas56-2337
   Wisconsin ANG - HQ Volk ANGB, Wisconsin56-2353
   Yankee Air Museum Belleville, Michigan
QF-102A Radio controlled drone  
GF-102A  Connecticut ANG - 103rd FG, Windsor Locks Winsor Locks, Connecticut56-1264
GTF-102A Trainer Selfridge Military Air Museum Selfridge ANG Bas, Michigan54-1351
F-102D  Florida Military Aviation Museum Clearwater, Florida

Convair F-102 on display
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Pima Air & Space Museum

Pima Air & Space Museum