California ANG - 144th FW, Fresno

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Address(1)Fresno Air Terminal

Exhibits - By Primary role
Fighter - 'F' 1948-Present
 Convair F-102A (Delta Dagger) Serial No: 53-1804  
 Convair F-106A (Delta Dart) Serial No: 59-146 
 North American F-86A (Sabre) Serial No: 49-1272 
 North American F-86L (SabreJet) Serial No: 53-0642  
Fighter - 'F' 1962-Present
 McDonnell-Douglas F-4D (Phantom II) Serial No: 65-0588  
Pursuit - 'P' 1925-1947
 North American P-51D (Mustang) Serial No: 44-73972 
Trainer - 'T' 1948-Present
 Lockheed T-33A (Shooting Star) Serial No: 52-5640  


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
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 , Washington

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10/11/2011 @ 00:47 [ref: 25132]
 doctor who jacket
 , Washington

Wow, I just want to say that this work that you are doing right now is truly amazing and inspirational to say the least. Thank you for it all I really do appreciate it my friend.
10/11/2011 @ 00:45 [ref: 25130]
 Matt Finnegan
 Fresno, California

I started a 501c-approved Air Museum here in Fresno Ca. I have never done anything like this so I am wondering if any of you out there could help me. I am trying to find out what is the best way to get donations. Also I am trying to put together a Board of Directors. So if any of you are interested in that I am looking for people with experience in museums and fundraising. If you are interested please e-mail me at and if any of you know someone or would like to make a donation, please e-mail me as well.
04/17/2006 @ 07:44 [ref: 4974]
 Sandra King
 Sacramento, California

I am looking for information about pilots who flew Sopwith Camel Aircraft during WW I My father is supposed to have flown in one during the attack on the Red Baron. Is there anyone out there that might know where I can find such information? I appreciate any help I can get.
02/02/2006 @ 15:33 [ref: 4763]
 Kathy Morgan
 Palm Harbor, Florida

You may be interested in some of the items from my father's collection. My father was a Braniff International captain for 33 years and a contributing editor to Flying Magazine for 20 years. He recently passed away and I am disposing of his vast aviation collection, at his request. I would be happy to provide you with further details and pictures from this unique collection. Please note the complete set of Jane\'s All the World\'s Aircraft, with many editions autographed by the editor. The 1909 edition includes a handwritten letter from Fred Jane. You may email for lists of books (many autographed editions,) memorabilia and original artwork. Thank you, Kathy Morgan
07/06/2005 @ 13:33 [ref: 4210]
 Colin Dodds
 Oxford, California

Recently visited with a group from the British Aviation Enthusiasts Society from the UK[BAES .. see our website]. We were able to get permission to enter the base to photograph the display aircraft which were in excellent condition.
05/31/2004 @ 07:37 [ref: 3181]
 R Moss
 Kerrville, Texas

Can anyone tell me who the last pilot was to fly the P51 and when, now on display at the Fresno ANG?
03/08/2003 @ 09:15 [ref: 2801]
 Denny Scales
 Hemet, California

If you have a gift shop at your museum, I have several old photos of aircraft, available at wholesale prices, for aviation museum operators. My website is at Click on the Aviation category. All Prices on the website are retail: take 50% off, for 25 to 100 pieces, 100 or more pieces, take an additional 20% off For more info: Denny Scales TOLL FREE (877) 368 6257
01/21/2003 @ 16:27 [ref: 2770]
 John Bennz
 , Newfoundland

I was visiting over the newyears and stopped by.Vary nice display.Upkeep on the aircraft seem to be seems to be on a regular time frame. I only wish it was open to walk in and take a closer look.
01/09/2001 @ 21:07 [ref: 731]
 Bob Little
 fresno, California

I have lived here in Fresno for over 50 years. Up to just the last five or so years those aircraft looked liked real bad. But now those guy have a world class display. I have driven by the base and are blinded by the reflection of the sun off the 2 saber jets.The base also has the best looking f-4 I have ever seen.It is about time we have a place to go and see great looking airplanes.
12/31/2000 @ 19:28 [ref: 714]

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