McDonnell-Douglas F-4D 'Phantom II'

Notes: Upgraded F-4C with improved avionics for AIR-TO-AIR and AIR-TO-GROUND operations.
  Base model:F-4
  Nickname:Phantom II
  Equivalent to: F-110A
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Fighter
  See Also:

  Length: 62' 10' 18.9 m
  Height:16' 6" 5.0 m
  Wingspan: 38' 5" 11.7 m
  Wingarea: 530.0 sq ft 49.2 sq m
  Empty Weight: 28,276 lb 12,823 kg
  Gross Weight: 50,341 lb 22,830 kg
  Max Weight: 58,000 lb 26,303 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: General Electric J79-GE-15 (A/B 17,000Lb/7,711Kg)
  Thrust (each):10,900 lb 4,944 kg

  Range: 1,375 miles 2,214 km
  Cruise Speed: 587 mph 945 km/h 510 kt
  Max Speed: 1,459 mph 2,349 km/h 1,269 kt
  Climb: 48,300 ft/min14,721 m/min
  Ceiling: 59,400 ft 18,104 m

Known serial numbers
64-0929 / 64-0937, 64-0938 / 64-0963, 64-0964 / 64-0980, 64-0981 / 64-0996, 65-0580 / 65-0611, 65-0612 / 65-0665 , 65-0666 / 65-0770 , 65-0771 / 65-0801 , 65-0802 / 65-0817 , 66-0226 / 66-0283 , 66-7455 / 66-7504 , 66-7505 / 66-7650 , 66-7651 / 66-7774 , 66-8685 / 66-8698 , 66-8699 / 66-8786 , 66-8787 / 66-8825 , 67-0175 / 67-0207 , 67-14869 / 67-14876 , 67-14877 / 67-14884 , 68-6904 / 68-6911 , 68-6912 / 68-6919 , 650644

Examples of this type may be found at
Alabama ANG - 187th FW, MontgomeryMontgomeryAlabama
California ANG - 144th FW, FresnoFresnoCalifornia
DC ANG - 113rd FW, Andrews AFBAndrews AFBMaryland
Dyess Linear Air ParkDyess AFBTexas
Empire State Aerosciences MuseumScotiaNew York
Illinois ANG - 183rd FG, SpringfieldSpringfieldIllinois
Maxwell AFB Air ParkMaxwell AFBAlabama
Minnesota ANG - 148th FG, DuluthDuluthMinnesota
New England Air MuseumWindsor LocksConnecticut
New Jersey ANG - 108th ARW, TrentonMcGuire AFBNew Jersey
North Dakota ANG - 119th FG, FargoFargoNorth Dakota
Reflections of Freedom Historical Air ParkWichitaKansas
Texas ANG - 147th FG, HoustonHoustonTexas
USAF AcademyUSAF AcademyColorado
Vermont ANG - 158th FG, BurlingtonBurlingtonVermont
Wright-Patterson AFBWright-PattersonOhio

F-4D on display

Alabama ANG - 187th FW, Montgomery

DC ANG - 113rd FW, Andrews AFB

Empire State Aerosciences Museum

Maxwell AFB Air Park

Minnesota ANG - 148th FG, Duluth

New England Air Museum

Reflections of Freedom Historical Air Park


Recent comments by our visitors
 Marilyn Eubank
 Graham, WA
Worked on F-4C/D's with the 33 TFW from June of 1976 until they changed over to the F-15 (1978ish). Last name was Bonachea then. Anyone remember the big "O" Oscar Watson, Milt Hope, the Pignataros (Tony and Barb)? Went over to the then "Systems Command" side until I got orders to RAF Alconbury to work on F-5's. Came back to the states in 1982 and went to Edwards. Not much work there, all we got to do was pin the antenna and pull circuit breakers. Also got to remove the entire radar packages on several planes for special instrumentation. Would love to hear from anyone from those days!
06/26/2012 @ 12:14 [ref: 62806]
 Walter Calbaugh
 Kingston, TN
What a joy when I saw 65-0660 F4D. I was a crew chief on this bird while stationed at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base NC. I also traveled with this plane to Kunsan Korean in 1968 during the Pueblo deal. We left in July and returned to NC. 660 was a great plane. It never failed us.
11/21/2011 @ 15:53 [ref: 50405]
 hawkinsville, GA
my FIRST acft was the F4, Bob Shaffley, thought me to be a crew chief. the right way first and the cc way second. worked F-4c/d/e/g and rf at eglin, then at dobbins with GaANG. the f4's at dobbins were the best fly'n f4's i EVER saw. i crewed 66-7702 at dobbins, 66-7700 and 8800 at eglin along with numerous others. LOVE the double ugly, u had to be a MECHANIC to crew one of these phathoms phorever.
10/19/2011 @ 20:01 [ref: 49635]
 Dale DeBrito
 Waterloo, AL
I too worked the radar/weapons control on the F-4C,D&E from 1964-1984 stationed at Eglin, Yokota, George, Ubon twice, Luke twice, Holloman, Lakenheath, Nellis, Kadena and Moody. Had TDY's to Da Nang, Korat, Tan Sa Nuht, Kunson, Osan, Clark, Spangdalem, Bitburg, Norway, Egypt, Guam, Taiwan, to name a few. Worked with many great guys, and still stay in touch with a few. Try Facebook site WCS F-4 Phantom, it's a great place to renew old friendships.
07/20/2011 @ 12:26 [ref: 42139]
 David Garrick
 , SC
Stationed at Holloman AFB , 49th FMS , EC worked on flightline , enjoyed working with my fellow airmen, had run license, went on one Crested Cap to Germany 1975, and one to Red Flag , Nellis AFB 1979. Had the distinction to be one of the last to work on the last F-4 .The aircraft had been involved in an accident with another F-4 running into it. It had been put into the hanger with the idea of trucking it out. But it was decided to put back together. Me and another staff seargent was put in charge of some other specialist. It took several months, finally after some tests by pilots from another base , it was cleared. Some time later when I went to Nellis , I looked up the F-4 and discovered to my amazement that it was one of the best aircraft on base. Had some wonderful memories at Holloman. It is where I met my wife in 1973. Now some 37 years later we have raised five children and now have 10 grandchildren.
06/08/2011 @ 11:52 [ref: 39209]
 jess p. williams
 barboursville wv., WV
i was stationed at danang fron
m 1967 to 1970 crew chief on f4d one tough aircraft seen some very major battle damage and they kept flying and brought their crew home sgt jess p williams 390th tfs danang rvn 1967-1970
05/31/2011 @ 21:46 [ref: 39092]
 Dan Sexton
 Oshkosh, WI
While driving through Milwaukee, Wisc and on the south side of Mitchell International Airport, I nearly drove off the road. Up in the air, mounted for all to see was one of the Phantoms. Beautiful airplane. I was a dock chief for what at one time was the 53rd Squadron in Bitburg with intermittent service at Spangdahlem 66-70. Still think about the crew I had - they were top notch human beings. Think about them now and again.

Listening to the news you would think it's all Army, Navy and Marines but for those of us who had the thrill of seeing our handiwork rumble down a runway and afterburner off into the night, we know who the real warriors are. God bless you guys - you made the Phantom what it is.

Dan Sexton
05/18/2011 @ 18:39 [ref: 38128]
 mike brown
 , IN
maintained the F-C/D as a 322x1P WCS Tech in thailand twice during my career. first time was in 68-70 second time can't remember exactly but think it may have been in 73-74. I remember Ray Santos who worked in the field shop in Udorn in 69-70. As I recall he taught me to align the sync with a PSM-6. Hell of a technician! Had lots of different assignments. Kadena,homestead,CCK,Kunsan,Ubon,Udorn,Nellis,George,P.I.
You name I been there.
Met the nicest bunch of guys while I spent my time "humping" the flightline.


Logging off for now.

Respectfully to my WCS brothers. WELCOME DUDES.
05/16/2011 @ 18:44 [ref: 38078]
 Sam W Lassiter
 Moncks Corner, SC
Was with the 13th TFS at Udorn in '72-73. Crew Chief most of that time - my plane was "727". I had purchased a Super 8 MM movie camera while I was there and videoed flight line activities and some in the air of the D model. I have 5 short videos posted on youtube.com. Enter my name as "samwlassiter" under search and they can be viewed. I also put together a 1 HR video of my Udorn tour and included a couple of pilots that flew my bird. Also got to fly in the D model twice. Memories forever - will never forget those days.
10/06/2010 @ 13:14 [ref: 31133]
 wesley yarbor
 , IN
First duty station Oct. 1974 Holloman AFB Avionics 49th AMS Avionics Instrument sys tech F-4D, Oct. 1976 Kadena AFB Okinawa F-4c,d, rf Apr. 1982 Seymour Johnson AFB 4th CRS F-4E Love the Phantom!

06/27/2010 @ 06:25 [ref: 26732]


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