Douglas XAD-1 'Skyraider'

  Base model:AD
  Equivalent to: XBT2D1
  Designation System:U.S. Navy / Marines
  Designation Period:1946-1962
  Basic role:Attack
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  Length: 39' 5" 12.0 m
  Height:15' 7" 4.7 m
  Wingspan: 50' 0" 15.2 m
  Wingarea: 400.3 sq ft 37.1 sq m
  Empty Weight: 10,093 lb 4,577 kg
  Gross Weight: 13,500 lb 6,122 kg
  Max Weight: 17,500 lb 7,936 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Wright R-3350-24W
  Horsepower (each): 2500

  Range: 1,554 miles 2,502 km
  Cruise Speed: 164 mph 264 km/h 142 kt
  Max Speed: 375 mph 603 km/h 325 kt
  Climb: 3,680 ft/min 1,121 m/min
  Ceiling: 26,000 ft 7,924 m

Examples of this type may be found at
Aviation Heritage ParkNAS OceanaVirginia

XAD-1 on display

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Recent comments by our visitors
 George Phelps
 , VA
Yes, the fuselage was cut in two. They took an airframer (AMS2 "Blue" Gately) out our shop (Phase) and some other people from the squadron (VA-42), placed the plane in the FRAMP nosedock and let them at it. I believe this was in 1985. From time to time during the rebuild Blue would swing by the shop and tell us how him and the other crew were piecing it back together. I think the angle iron was used to keep the landing gear from folding up. Blue also said they had to hand fabricate a canopy for it out of fiberglass. Our corrosion shop painted it blue and then they wrote their names in one of the main wheel wells. 15 years later, I was at the park for a Fleet Reserve ceremony and arrived early so I went to look to the plane over and checked for the names and they were still there. Another guy came over and I recognized him and told him his name was still there. The guy was AMS2 "Winston" Churchill.
10/14/2015 @ 15:24 [ref: 69275]
 Joe Fordham
 , MD
I remember the SPAD getting painted up in our squadron colors. Great job to all involved!
05/30/2011 @ 18:46 [ref: 39089]
 CDR Tom Magno, USN (ret)
 , VA
When I was stationed at NAS Oceana and this aircraft came over on a flat bed in parts, to be cleaned up for static display I smiled. Then, I heard that in order for it to be shipped to the base (I heard from a museum) the fuselage was cut in two, and reassembled using angle iron - never to become airworthy again. I can't verify this, as even close inspection does not reveal a cut line or any evidence of this "mod". But if true - it is sad.
11/10/2009 @ 08:14 [ref: 25273]
 Larry Novakowski
 Portland, OR
The good old T-Bolt insignia still shines on the tail of the "SPAD". Not sure if the Triple "Golden E" still remains though... But the paint used to spray it had real gold flakes in it! Will , Carl , Ed , Darell , Jackie-Ray , and Brad. Great times spent cleaning it up.
10/03/2001 @ 01:35 [ref: 3308]
 Chris Barry
 Bridgeport, CT
Do any of these aircraft still fly today?
05/22/2001 @ 07:27 [ref: 2333]


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