Lockheed EC-130E 'Hercules'

Notes: C-130E modified by removing external pylon tanks and adding radio operator/navigator positions and LONG-RANGE radio aid to navigation (LORAN) calibration equipment. Af version configured as abccc.  Manufacturer:Lockheed
  Base model:C-130
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
  Modified Mission:Special electronic installation
  See Also:

  Length: 97' 9" 29.7 m
  Height:38' 3" 11.6 m
  Wingspan: 132' 7" 40.4 m
  Wingarea: 1,745.0 sq ft 162.1 sq m
  Empty Weight: 72,892 lb 33,057 kg

  No. of Engines: 4
  Powerplant: Allison T56-A-7A
  Horsepower (each): 4050

  Range: 4,700 miles 7,568 km
  Cruise Speed: 368 mph 592 km/h 320 kt
  Max Speed: 380 mph 611 km/h 330 kt
  Climb: 1,830 ft/min 557 m/min
  Ceiling: 23,000 ft 7,010 m

Operators (Past and Present)
USAF 42nd ACCS David-Monthan AFB AZ

Known serial numbers


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 CCM Ken Witkin, USAF (Ret.)
 Fort Washington, MD
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01/31/2011 @ 10:11 [ref: 35908]
 Ken Witkin
 Fort Washington, MD
To: abccc_association_president@verizon.net
Sent: Sunday, November 15, 2009 1:32 PM


I and several other Vietnam era vets are researching the loss of Hill 950 [in QT Province; 2.5 mi north of Khe Sanh] on June 4-5, 1971.

We believe a Moonbeam EC130E was operating that evening and -- if we can find the crew -- may have some information that will futher our research.

Do you know, or can you determine, the specific Moonbeam flight and crew for the evening of June 4, 1971?

Any info you can provide will be helpful.



Louis T. Girdler
2982 Plaza de Viola
Sierra Vista, AZ 85650-4222
(520) 378-7072

11/15/2009 @ 13:52 [ref: 25294]
 Bradley Corner
 Jacksonville, FL
My Father, Rod Corner, was stationed at Keesler I think 77-82 where he retired with 7th ACCS. He now lives in McKenny TX. We were stationed twice in Hickam. Once when he was over in Vietnam.
Does anyone know the serial number of the plane they flew and the tail desgignation? Im trying to put together an EC-130E in my Flight Sim X to show my Dad.
01/06/2009 @ 15:22 [ref: 23428]
 Bill Irvin
 Las Vegas, NV
ATT (Airborne Teletype Tech)with 7ACCS at Keesler, 1977-79. Loved every minute of it! I took an assignment to Hickam (best assignment in the AF) but I miss the flying in the C130. I will NEVER let anyone say anything bad about the best airplane ever made.
To all my fellow ACCS'ers (the ones I know, I never met, and the ones I don't remember), I miss every one of you.

11/18/2008 @ 19:25 [ref: 23101]
 james skeen
 los angeles, CA
was hyd tech at tucson,az and biloxi,ms. miss those C 130's
and the great times in aviono,and anchorage.
08/26/2008 @ 14:37 [ref: 22555]
 Kellie Maurer
 , OH
Kellie Maurer
07/13/2008 @ 22:09 [ref: 22004]
 Sears Vaponne A.
 Moody, GA
I am now the Dedicated Crewchief of "IRONHORSE" acft 62-1863. I any one has some history about the acft, i would love to hear about it. thanks
06/11/2008 @ 10:16 [ref: 21405]
 , GA
Aircraft 62-01863 has now become an HC-130P helicopter refueler. It is stationed at Moody AFB, Ga as part of the 23rd Wing.
02/21/2008 @ 19:38 [ref: 19740]
 CMSgt Ken Witkin, USAF (Ret.)
 Fort Washington, MD
Your ABCCC Association is currently working with the Veterans Administration to provide Disability Compensation to every ABCCC aircrew member who is now suffering from cancer or diabetes due to exposure to Agent Orange.

It has been determined that Agent Orange might have been ingested into the ABCCC capsule and front-end air-conditioning systems while our aircraft flew over Laos during the Vietnam War.

Your ABCCC Association will provide you with the appropriate US Government forms on our web site in order that you may submit these forms to the VA for compensation.

Further information will be forthcoming on our ABCCC Association web site. The web site address is:


12/25/2007 @ 12:00 [ref: 19042]
 Ken Bortz
 Las Vegas, NV
Comm Operator with the 6ACCS,7ACCS & 9ACCS before I retired.
Wanted to send me to Ellsworth, brrrrrrr... No way..

Enjoyed every second of it. Great memories and great people. Hi to all.
11/27/2007 @ 15:02 [ref: 18692]


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