Lockheed EC-130V 'HERCULES'

Notes: HC-130H modified with FUSELAGE-MOUNTED, rotating dish radome for detecting and tracking aircraft surface vessels involved in smuggling; maritime defense zone command and control.
  Base model:C-130
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
  Modified Mission:Special electronic installation
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 Geoff Rowe
 Meridian, ID
I was one of six pilots that flew the EC out of Air Station, Clearwater, FL. Great aircraft! We deployed out of Panama several times. Flew drug interdiction and the RADAR was valuable for SAR missions.
02/06/2007 @ 08:05 [ref: 15428]
 CDR Bill Danner, USCG (retired)
 , VA
The EC-130V DELPHI aircraft was developed on cost, on time, and exceeded all requirements. I was the Chief Project Engineer and handled the avionics and weapons systems modification engineering decisions. The airframe and electrical system changes were under the management of my protege, CWO4 Ken Derrick, USCG (retired). We passed every E-2C test thrown at us, including many that had to be waived for the E-2C.

One of the more unique problems solved on this aircraft had to do with dealing with the icing problems related to the rotodome struts upstream from the tail surfaces. This was dealt with by adding additional skin to the leading edges of the tail surfaces. The same was done with the sides of the aircraft to deal with ice flung by the props. The aircraft flew in heavy icing for 1/2 hour with no structural damage noted - although there was light denting in the aforementioned armor. Anyone with questions can address them to me at the above e-mail and I will be glad to discuss them as I may. Bill Danner

PS- CAPT John Metz, USAF and I shared the Project Officer hats on this project.
09/29/2002 @ 03:03 [ref: 5781]


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