Lockheed F-80C 'Shooting Star'

  Base model:F-80
  Nickname:Shooting Star
  Equivalent to: P-80C
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Fighter
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  Length: 34' 5" 10.4 m
  Height:11' 3" 3.4 m
  Wingspan: 38' 9" 11.8 m
  Wingarea: 237.6 sq ft 22.0 sq m
  Empty Weight: 8,240 lb 3,736 kg
  Gross Weight: 12,200 lb 5,532 kg
  Max Weight: 16,856 lb 7,644 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Allison J33-A-35
  Thrust (each): 5,400 lb 2,448 kg

  Range: 825 miles 1,328 km
  Cruise Speed: 439 mph 706 km/h 381 kt
  Max Speed: 594 mph 956 km/h 516 kt
  Climb: 6,870 ft/min 2,093 m/min
  Ceiling: 46,800 ft 14,264 m

Known serial numbers
48-0376 / 48-0396, 48-0863 / 48-0912, 49-0422 / 49-0878, 49-1800 / 49-1899, 49-3597 / 49-3600

Examples of this type may be found at
Alaska ANG - 176th Gp, AnchorageKulis ANGBAlaska
Delaware Valley Historical Aircraft Assoc.NAS Willow GrovePennsylvania
Museum of AviationWarner Robins AFBGeorgia
Reflections of Freedom Historical Air ParkWichitaKansas
Texas ANG - 136th AW, DallasDallasTexas
USAF Armament MuseumEglin AFBFlorida
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio

F-80C on display

Museum of Aviation

Reflections of Freedom Historical Air Park

United States Air Force Museum

USAF Armament Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Jim Price
 Kilmarnock, VA
It appears the photo second from left on the bottom is actually a t-33 located at Grissom air park
02/02/2013 @ 04:54 [ref: 67543]
 bill fillippi
 vernon hills, IL
Could the F-80C carry missles or bombs.
02/20/2011 @ 17:47 [ref: 36084]
 , FL
looking for World War II ASAF vets who were involved with test flying the Lockheed P-80 out of an airport near New York in the 1945-1946 time frame. Possibly Schnectedy(sp?)Airport. Maybe Squadron "D" who had been stationed in Daytona Beach previously.
I have photos I'd like to share with anyone interested.
02/25/2009 @ 09:42 [ref: 23807]
 ed mcelwee
 , TX
The note that tom gwinn wrote brings a few memories, I was a pilot in the 64th ftr sq then and william p benedict was the co and I use to go the the range often with felix[doc] blanchard and shoot skeet, also pulled alert duty at naknek many times.
01/27/2008 @ 15:05 [ref: 19440]
 tabare ifran
 Montevideo-Uruguay, AL
I would like to contact to anybody which could give info about F-80 49-432 and 49-696, maybe M. Ramos form maryland
02/19/2007 @ 09:30 [ref: 15581]
 Harold Macking
 , FL
Bluie West One was a refueling base between Goose Bay and Keflavik. Our runway had one approach---up the fjord and watch the icebergs. One time an F 80 missed the threshold and tried going around. The mountains across the fjord were close and the water was cold. They figured that rescue time was seven minutes if you went in. Our two crash boats were good but not fast as the fjord was about four miles across and several miles long.

I was driving a weapons carrier parking the planes for refueling. I hooked on the nosewheel of the pilot that went around. He had run out of fuel about 3/4 up the runway. I got him off the active and parked properly. The canopy came back and I heard a loud thud as his helmet hit the snow covered ramp. "They just don't pay me enough to fly these dammned planes up here", the pilot, a Major, said as he climbed down.
01/13/2007 @ 16:31 [ref: 15181]
 Tom Gwinn
 Tucumcari, NM
Elderly and senile, it's not Mt Everest, how about Mt Mckinley.
03/12/2006 @ 18:16 [ref: 12783]
 Tom Gwinn
 Tucumcari, NM
I was stationed at Elmendorf AFB from 1949 to 1951. It was my first assignment after Tech School and Major Benedict was my Commanding officer. I have great respect for him and his many accomplishments. If anyone was statiioned there during this period:::
Do you remember the kind of wings he wore?
Do you remember the story in Life magazine about the controversy over a flag supposedly posted atop Mt Everest?
Do you remember the winter when there was an ice jam on a river and the water being backed up and threatening to flood a town?
Do you remember when the longest nonstop flight by a P-80 was made to White Horse, Canada?
Do you remember when Benedict and Blanchard were messing around in their P-80's and Blanchard spotted a moose below. Benedict could not see it so Blanchard said "follow me"? (Blanchard was not only a football player, he was also a good softball pitcher)
Do you remember the conflict between Benedict and the Provost Marshall?
Do you remember what happened when Benedict attempted to stay with an invading aircraft from Eilison AFB?
Do you remember how damn cold it was in Alaska?
And, do you remember "Truman"s Year"?

03/12/2006 @ 13:18 [ref: 12778]
 Charles Christian
 Santa Rosa, CA
The spring of 1951 I was sent two weeks TDY to Naknek AFS , AK, to do Crypto for a Det. of the 64th FIS. Maj Van Bebber, the Det. C.O., said he did not want to send classified mission reports and I could go right back to Elmendorf, or, he was short one each Fighter Oprns Clerk and I could OJT in a few hours and take over the morning shift in the Ready Hut for the two weeks of manuevers. I took the job and it was a ball. We had 4 F-80's and were straffed going to work one A.M. in the dark before manuevers were to start and we had hot brass fall on our 6 By. On the next pass of the two planes the pilot pulled canopy eject instead of flare release and he had to land and we took him prisoner. 1st Lt/Capt. "Doc" Blanchard of West Point football fame. He went on to retire a bird Col.

Ex Sgt. 1931st AACS Sq.
09/28/2005 @ 16:10 [ref: 11355]
 Bill Starr
 Mt. Prospect, IL
While serving in Sarajevo, Bosnia withthe first deployment (January - September 1996) I discovered 2 crashed F-80 Shooting Stars in the "junk pile" near the main runway at the Sarajevo airport (what was left of it). An Italian office friend of mine climbed up into one of them and removed the dashboard. It is missing a few gages but it is mostly there. I brought it home.

Is there any interest in buying this from me?
02/08/2005 @ 13:35 [ref: 9394]


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