Lockheed HC-130H 'Hercules'

Notes: C-130H with special equipment for search/rescue missions and aerial recovery assignments (5 CREW) .
  Base model:C-130
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
  Modified Mission:Search and Rescue
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  Length: 98' 9" 29.7 m
  Height:38' 3" 11.6 m
  Wingspan: 132' 7" 40.4 m
  Wingarea: 1,745.0 sq ft 162.1 sq m
  Empty Weight: 72,611 lb 32,930 kg
  Max Weight: 155,000 lb 70,294 kg

  No. of Engines: 4
  Powerplant: Allison T56-A-15
  Horsepower (each): 4508

  Range: 2,356 miles 3,793 km
  Cruise Speed: 345 mph 555 km/h 300 kt
  Max Speed: 374 mph 602 km/h 325 kt
  Climb: 1,820 ft/min 554 m/min
  Ceiling: 33,000 ft 10,058 m

Known serial numbers
64-14852 / 64-14866, 64-15090 / 64-15093, 65-0962 / 65-0987, 65-0989 / 65-0990, 65-0995 / 65-0998, 69-5819 / 69-5833 , 72-1300 / 72-1302 , 72-1303 , 73-0844 / 73-0845 , 77-0317 / 77-0320 , 81-0999 , 82-0081 / 82-0085 , 83-0505 / 83-0508 , 84-0479 / 84-0482 , 85-0051 / 85-0052 , 85-1360 , 86-0420 / 86-0422 , 87-0156 / 87-0157


Recent comments by our visitors
 Francis Roudabush
 china grove, NC
I was on the aircraft 50963.50969.50971.50979 at Tachikawa,Japan 1965 to1968
09/20/2010 @ 14:02 [ref: 30270]
 Frank Freeman
 Summerville, SC
I'm not sure who's been 'overlooked' in the 'count' of crew members, but the Herkie-pigs I worked on at Andersen AFB, Guam from 7/67 - 8/68 had a flight crew of 6:
AC/Pilot - 1
FP/Co-Pilot - 1
N /Navigator - 1
FE/Flight Engineer - 1
RO/Radio Operator - 1
LM/Loadmaster - 1
Of course, the Pararescue Specialists - PJs, usually 2 per mission, could also be included, even though they didn't actually 'fly' the aircraft.
07/27/2010 @ 09:20 [ref: 28405]
 Greg Salisbury
 Lake Orion, MI
Was assistant crew chief on 65-0987 from 1987-1989. Went and picked the plane up in Alabame from the depot facility. I think it had been there for about a year, as it came back into theAF inventory after the Coast Gaurd gave it back. Was my favorite plane. We found the initials GR on it so we named her the Grim Reaper. Had a nice glow in the dark decal on the plotters table, flight creew didn't like it be we did.
02/21/2009 @ 04:20 [ref: 23780]
 James Mason
 Moody, GA
I have just recently assumed the tradition of being her new DCC, I am just wondering if anyone has any information as to the history of the plane that would be greatly appreciated.
02/11/2009 @ 11:37 [ref: 23696]
 Tom Hanley
 Hampton, VA
The Experimental Test Pilot for Lockheed for the HC-130H Fulton Recovery System was William B. Hanley Jr.
12/15/2008 @ 10:08 [ref: 23245]
 Bill Eaton
 Houston, TX
Would like to know if anyone remembers what the US Air Force was flying out of Da Nang Air Base during the 1965 - 1967 part of the Vietnam war.
09/27/2008 @ 11:57 [ref: 22756]
 Bill Eaton
 Houston, TX
don't know why he went into the maintainence part but I do know Emmitt that before he passed away he told me he had 3500 hours in the F-86 sabre jet and as he put it "I flew all versions and all types." He flew from the Korean war days right up to about 1959 when he stopped and I knew that he had flown with the Arizona Air National Guard ( 92nd ?squardon ) because he had a mug with the F-86E or something like that, it was the one that was radar equipped painted on the face of the mug. He my mother the reason why he stopped flying was night vision problems...anyways he told me he lost 35 of his flying buddies in guard camp and that was another contributing factor...He jumped out of the service in 57 then jumped back in, in 64 and in 65 they sent him to Vietnam as a military advisor to the south Vietnamese air force. When he got back from Vietnam he wouldn't talk about the war or what he saw except to my mother and that was about it. So at least I know now what he was doing at El Centro. Thanks Emmitt
Bill Eaton
05/08/2008 @ 07:54 [ref: 20828]
 James Bell
 Pottstown, PA
Emmitt ... please contact me. My father was Capt J. D. Bell, Test Director for the Fulton Recovery System testing at Edwards and Pt. Magu in May of 1966. Dad talks about the testing all the time, and I'd love to get you two in touch with each other. E-Mail: KC10Engr@aol.com
03/17/2008 @ 04:14 [ref: 20055]
 Emmitt Kelly
 Covington, GA
ockheed HC-130H-LM Hercules
14852 (c/n 382-4036) converted to HC-130P
14853 (c/n 382-4037) converted to HC-130P. Seen as JHC-130H at 1965 Paris Air show
14854 (c/n 382-4038) converted to HC-130P, later NC-130H, WC-130H, C-130H
14855 (c/n 382-4055) converted to HC-130P, later NC-130H
14856 (c/n 382-4072) converted to HC-130P, later NC-130H. Ditched in Pacific Ocean off
Cape Mendocino, CA Nov 22, 1996. 10 of 11 aboard killed.
01/15/2008 @ 16:09 [ref: 19306]
 Emmitt Kelly
 Covington, GA
to answer your question about the 6515 oms (organizational maint.
they were the crew that would be assigned generally to a specific aircraft. you were responsible for clearing write ups
and inspecting the general aircraft. and all paperwork was in
order and ready for flight or grounded for specific problems.
then there was the Field Maint. Sq. FMS. they were broken down
into prop, engine, instrument, avionics shops.
of course all of this was 40 years ago so a lot has changed.
a note:
Hc-130h 14855 was mostly testing the robert fulton recovery
system. that was the main aircraft I was assigned to.
Hc-130h 14856 was testing updated components such as engines
that were now designated (1965) T56-A-15. When I arrived at
edwards in May 1965 fresh out of school I was surprised to see 856 a new aircraft with all of it's engines removed.
there was a lot of removal and replacement of engines on that aircraft and other components.
856 is in the pacific ocean, I will alway wonder if the constant changing and testing of components caused a fatal
failure. emmitt
01/15/2008 @ 16:00 [ref: 19305]


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