Lockheed MC-130H 'Hercules (Combat Tal'

Notes: C-130H modified for special operations forces missions (COMBAT TALON II) .
  Base model:C-130
  Nickname:Hercules (Combat Tal
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport
  Modified Mission:Multi-mission
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Known serial numbers
83-1212, 84-0475 / 84-0476, 85-0011 / 85-0012, 86-1699, 87-0023 / 87-0024, 87-0125 / 87-0127 , 88-0191 / 88-0195 , 88-0264 , 88-1803 , 89-0280 / 89-0283 , 90-0161 / 90-0163


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 , AZ
1212 was the first to fly at Edwards, the late 475 was scheduled to go but broke hard so they took 1212 instead, Night Prowler always was the pride of the fleet. I sat and had a conversasion with the test pilot that flew her on its maiden flight. Anyone have any news on her?
06/03/2008 @ 06:17 [ref: 21098]
 Moldyhole, OTH
Sup all. Nine years here and still going strong. Can you believe they let me train younger airman about this plane!?! Ballz23 PRIDE OF THE FLEET! Three years today since Wrath 11-I miss Tico's stories.
03/31/2008 @ 02:35 [ref: 20304]
 Stacy Simon Valenti
 New Orleans, LA
If memory serves me well then it was 0475 that was the first one that made it to Edwards AFB for flight testing. Also I think it was the first one to fly after being modified at E-Systems in Greenville, TX.
08/13/2007 @ 18:25 [ref: 17597]
 Tucson, AZ
I used to crew 1803 back in 95-96 when she got to Kadena
05/05/2007 @ 15:57 [ref: 16406]
I am the current ACC on Acft 86-1699....nice to see people still wonder where its at. Were AETC out at Kirtland AFB....they thought about changin the name but its still Merlins Magic...the only art on it is inside the cargo compartment and above the crew door...
03/31/2007 @ 03:30 [ref: 16042]
 Tucson, AZ
Hey what is up guys? I'm moving to Tucson in May--it's about time wouldn't you say? 0476 is getting a shitty DCC very soon… Oh well, what can you do? DM has bigger plans for me, I will be working in the iso dock… Does anyone know where I put my skates? Look me up sometime if you're in the area, and Dusty see you soon buddy!
03/17/2007 @ 19:29 [ref: 15929]
 Mike Hobbs
 Derry, NH
Worked Hydraulics on these from 94-97 at Hurlburt Field.
09/04/2006 @ 16:23 [ref: 14073]
 Jeraldo Fernandez
 Fayetteville, NC, NC
88-0193 nuff said, you know it carp. i wonder what kinda messed up things hulbert did to it. what up mark
06/26/2006 @ 15:38 [ref: 13602]
 t, KS
Anybody know wich T2 was the first ever to fly?
05/09/2006 @ 11:26 [ref: 13232]
 SSgt Bryan Carpentier
 RAF Mildenhall, UK, CA
Hey...few familiar names in here, sup dusty n long!!
Updates huh? Lets see, we swapped out damn near our entire fleet with herby n kirtland. now we got my plane 0476, which might I add will be the first T2 to get a B.L.I. since 2000 soon ;) 282,126,0023 are the rest. Still holdin strong over here guys, Last man standing from Iraq from the falcon flight! All you ninja's peaced out on me! hows life outside of AFSOC? Holla back or email me.
03/15/2006 @ 16:31 [ref: 12809]


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