Lockheed SR-71A 'Blackbird'

Notes: Long range, advanced strategic reconnaissance aircraft (2 CREW) .
  Base model:SR-71
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Reconnaissance

  Length: 107' 5" 32.7 m
  Height:18' 6" 5.6 m
  Wingspan: 55' 7" 16.9 m
  Empty Weight: 60,000 lb 27,210 kg
  Gross Weight: 170,000 lb 77,097 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney J58
  Thrust (each):32,500 lb14,512 kg

  Range: 2,900 miles 4,669 km
  Max Speed: 2,000 mph 3,220 km/h 1,740 kt
  Ceiling: 85,000 ft 25,907 m

Operators (Past and Present)
USAF 9th RW Edwards AFB CA

Known serial numbers
61-7950 / 61-7955, 61-7958 / 61-7980, 61-7982 / 61-7984

Examples of this type may be found at
Air Force Flight Test Center MuseumEdwards AFBCalifornia
Blackbird AirparkPalmdaleCalifornia
Castle Air MuseumAtwaterCalifornia
Edward F. Beale MuseumBeale AFBCalifornia
Kansas Cosmosphere and Space CenterHutchinsonKansas
March Field Air MuseumRiversideCalifornia
Museum of AviationWarner Robins AFBGeorgia
National Air and Space MuseumWashingtonDist of Col
Pima Air & Space MuseumTucsonArizona
Strategic Air Command MuseumAshlandNebraska
U.S. Space & Rocket CenterHuntsvilleAlabama
USAF Armament MuseumEglin AFBFlorida
USAF History and Traditions MuseumSan AntonioTexas
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio
Virgina Aviation MuseumSandstonVirginia

SR-71A on display

Air Force Flight Test Center Museum

Blackbird Airpark

Castle Air Museum

Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

March Field Museum

Museum of Aviation

Pima Air & Space Museum

Strategic Air Command Museum

United States Air Force Museum

USAF Armament Museum

USAF History and Traditions Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Anchorage, AK
Was in the program from 82 to 90 as an astro-inertial nav tech. On the launch crew for the final speed run from Beale to the east coast, 61 minutes if I remember correctly. Awesome folks operating an awesome airplane. Hurts to see them stuck on on stands.
12/18/2015 @ 08:27 [ref: 69372]
 João alberto Amaral
 Bragança Paulista-são paulo-Brasil, OTH
Avião de linhas suaves, um gigante no ar, velocidade superior a Mach 2,5
12/10/2013 @ 08:16 [ref: 68222]
 João alberto Amaral
 Bragança Paulista-são paulo-Brasil, OTH
Avião de linhas suaves, um gigante no ar, velocidade superior a Mach 2,5
12/10/2013 @ 08:14 [ref: 68221]
 Paul Smith
 , IA
My Brother Lt Col Tom Smith was Chief Test Pilot 1974thru1976 at Palmdale Ca. We had many great talks about this amazing aircraft.Tom now rests with many Heroes at Arlington.
03/28/2012 @ 09:18 [ref: 54519]
 Deale, MD
anonymous in berlin doesnt know what he is talking about. there were 32 airframes built, 11 were lost in crashes or ground accidents. the other 21 are all in musuems around the US and one is in England.
06/20/2009 @ 06:48 [ref: 24252]
 Singapore, HI
What makes this jet unique is its SUSTAINED Mach 3 speed at 80,000+ feet operational altitude. Shot at MANY times but NEVER once shot down during its nearly 30-years operational career, this wild stallion of the stratosphere covers TEN (10) soccer fields in one second!

Allow me to quote the late Mr. Ben Rich in the book 'Skunk Works'-

"Nothing designed and built by any other aerospace operation in the world, before or since the Blackbird, can begin to rival its speed, height, effectiveness, and impact. Had we built the Blackbird in the year 2010, the world would still have been awed by such an achievement. But the first model designed and built for the CIA as the successor to the U-2, was being test flown as early as 1962. Even today that feat seems nothing less than miraculous.
03/24/2009 @ 19:51 [ref: 24010]
 , GA
My father crew chiefed 17974 (Ichi-ban) from around 1968 to 1970. He told us many stories about working on the planes. I have found out that 974 crashed in 1989 and was lost. He used to tell us about the other plane in his flight was one called Rapid Rabbit (I think it was 17976). Does anyone know of what became of that plane.
03/11/2009 @ 16:43 [ref: 23921]
 berlin, OTH
there was only four manufactured one of them is at the strategic air command museum in omaha nebraska stop saying there is more than four cause there is not!
12/18/2008 @ 06:04 [ref: 23269]
 Wesley Anderson
 Glen Ellyn, IL
I was stationed at Malstrom AFB, 4742 Support Sage in Montana as a radar operator and used too track the "BlackBird" on radar. Wow. It was so fast that in order to make a 180 deg. turn it would go through Montana, Idaho & Wyoming. Tracked it again when I was stationed in on Habu Hill in Okinawa.
06/03/2008 @ 04:53 [ref: 21097]
 mineola, TX
The SR-71 blackbird really shows what america's capable of.It's ahsame that it's retired.It's top speed was mach 3.2 or 2,000+ mph.That's very,very fast
01/29/2008 @ 17:12 [ref: 19466]


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