Edward F. Beale Museum

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Address(1)9 SRW/CCX, Building 2471
CityBeale AFB

Exhibits - By Primary role
Advanced Trainer - 'AT' 1924-1948
 Beechcraft AT-11 (Kansan) Serial No: 951  
Attack - 'A' 1926-1947
 Douglas A-26C (Invader) Serial No: 44-35724  
Basic Trainer - 'BT' 1930-1947
 Vultee BT-13A (Valiant) Serial No: 42-89762 
Bomber - 'B' 1924-Present
 Martin EB-57B (Night Intruder) Serial No: 52-1526 
 North American TB-25N (Mitchell) Serial No: 43-28222  
Liaison - 'L' 1942-1962
 Stinson L-5 (Sentinel) Serial No: 76-511  
Reconnaissance - 'R' 1962-Present
 Lockheed SR-71A (Blackbird) Serial No: 61-7963  
Trainer - 'T' 1948-Present
 Lockheed T-33A (Shooting Star) Serial No: 55-4351  
 Northrop T-38A (Talon) Serial No: 60-0570  
Transport - 'C' 1925-1962
 Boeing KC-97L (Stratofreighter) Serial No: 53-230  
 Douglas C-47A (Skytrain) Serial No: 42-23668  
Utility - 'U' 1952-Present
 Lockheed U-2D Serial No: 56-6714  


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 Bob West
 Palmdale, California

Carl Jesmer : I was at Beale in 1963. Crew Chief of the T-33A they used in the movie they made there. Do you remember the name of that movie? I am trying to find the full serial number of my T bird.I got only the last three #'s 993 Back then I didn't note stuff like that. Maybe you took some pictures ? Just the number would be nice. Thanks
11/16/2010 @ 12:24 [ref: 11803]
 eddie wagstaff
 Nashville, Tennessee

I was at Beale from 75-78 with the 17th comm sq. I'm trying to find old sq patch from that time. can I get some help. 100th bomb sq or 14th air division. let me know.
06/26/2010 @ 21:42 [ref: 9614]
 carl jesmer
 California City, California

I was stationed at Beale from 1959 to 1965 assigned to the 4126st Installation Sqdrn and later the 851st SMS as a maintenance electrician. Would like to hear from anyone stationed there at that time. If there is a web site pertaining to this subject what is the web site address?
02/06/2008 @ 14:23 [ref: 6745]
 carl jesmer
 California City, California

I was stationed at Beale from 1959 to 1965 assigned to the 4126st Installation Sqdrn and later the 851st SMS as a maintenance electrician. Would like to hear from anyone stationed there at that time.
02/06/2008 @ 14:21 [ref: 6744]
 SSgt David Dell
 Fort Gratiot, Michigan

on 21 april 1986 i signed into Beale AFB. on 23 April 1986 i made my first venture into the museum... like Randolph Brown i put in well over 100 hours remodeling the museum. this was in addition to the countless hours staffing the gift counter, playing movies in the theater, escorting visitors and other assorted administrative jobs. the museum was situated in the south end of the supply squadron's offices, in what at one time was a tank shed... the museum went from a hodge-podge of displays on tiled floors to a concise progression of the history of the base from october 1942 when Camp Beale was opened for the Army thru the current day, complete with the 'bar' area from the 1st SRS where the crew members of the SR-71 would congregate after a mission. hanging from the ceiling on the west end was the j-4 liaison plane... our airpark consisted of a B-25, C-47, RB-57, B-17, B-26 with a BT-13 by the BOOM and a C-97 on the flightline. we had the nose section of a B-29 affixed to the east wall of the museum which was accessible from inside the museum... the museum was supported by a small group called the 13th Armored Division Living Museum. we portrayed members of the 67th Armored Infantry Regiment in the 13th AD (the original tenants of the base during WWII). i was a member from 1988 until my reassignment on 21 April 1991... i helped restore the m-3 half-track, 2 m-35 deuce and a half trucks and 3 mb/gpw 1/4 trucks (jeeps)... the museum closed after i left. as noted someone deemed it more important to build the new commissary in the same spot occupied by the museum. beale was to become the new home to the navigators school (moved from mcclellan afb) but that never happened. the end result a nice commissary for fewer airmen and their families and the loss of a gem in the air force museum system...
11/09/2007 @ 16:54 [ref: 6482]
 Randolph Brown
 Haysville, Kansas

I must agree with Lt Col Len Eilers, the museum at Beale was a nice museum. In 1989/90 time period the museum went through a major remodeling,renovation, many volunteers put in many hours to make the museum one of the nicest anywhere. A mezanine was added, rooms and display cases gave real life feel to the barracks and operations rooms, with manicans and many artifacts that just added to the realism. Murals gave a feel for the way Beale looked when the Army was the host unit/branch on the Air Force base. Unfortunately progress decided that the new commissary would be better suited to go where the old supply wharehouse was (which was the home of the base museum). Among many others, I was extremely sad to see that the building was no more; especially since I was one who put in some additional hours on the renovation!
06/10/2007 @ 06:56 [ref: 5960]
 James E (Soup) Campbell
 Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania

I worked the U 2 for 1958 to 1973 working as a crew chef up to line chef,The one at Laughlin A F B tail # 707 is one of 3 that went on the very frist trip to Vietnam and the one I crewed, Mar 5th 1964 when we landed there on my 29th birthday, We had one 2 seater which I got a back seat ride, any one reading this that remembers me drop a line.
03/18/2007 @ 10:05 [ref: 5747]
 TSgt (Ret) Glenn R. Chapman
 Tucson, Arizona

You show U-2 S/N 56-6714 at Beale AFB, CA as a U-2D. It is not a -D model, but is a U-2C model. The U-2D was a special 2-place aircraft used for a project "Smoky Joe" and later on as pilot trainers. I worked on this aircraft while in the 4080th SRW at Laughlin AFB, TX and Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ from 1958 to 1966. Only two U-2D models were converted from U-2A 56-6721 and U-2A, and later, U-2C 56-6953. One "spare parts" U-2, 56-6954, was built as a special U-2D for the Smoky Joe project. Aircraft 714 at Beale was converted from a U-2A into a U-2C about 1964 while it was at Davis-Monthan. Please correct your information.
12/01/2005 @ 00:29 [ref: 4634]
 Arnoldo Gomez Jr.
 Del Rio, Texas

I am curious what happened to the U2 aircraft 66714. I have film of this aircraft taking off at Wake Island in the early sixties, possibly even hawaii. My father worked with it and traveled extensively with the 4080th. Where was it relocated to????
02/17/2004 @ 11:23 [ref: 2980]
 Denny Scales
 Hemet, California

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01/21/2003 @ 16:31 [ref: 2773]

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