Lockheed U-2D

  Base model:U-2
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1952-Present
  Basic role:Utility

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
56-6951 / 56-6955

Examples of this type may be found at
Edward F. Beale MuseumBeale AFBCalifornia
March Field Air MuseumRiversideCalifornia

U-2D on display

March Field Air Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Chuck Kozlik
 Chicago, IL
My grandfather, Charles Rosburg, flew the U2 - and included some photos of 66722 in his scrapbook of his time in the Air Force... I'm uploading a couple of photos.
12/01/2015 @ 11:21 [ref: 69332]
 Bob Oakes, SST
 Waikoloa, HI
I was stationed at Edwards AFB in 1966, assigned to the U2 project "Smokey Joe" as a jet ACFT mechanic 1 & 2 engines. Never knew what a U2 was until then. I was singled out of my flight for Edwards AFB, the rest went to Arizona. Needless to say, I was prepared to work on fighter jets, not strange looking gliders. But after getting to know what the U2 was used for, I changed my mind, and thought how lucky I was to work on the U2. I was also fortunate to take a ride in the back seat of 66721 twice, the only U2 we had with two seats(I had to get qualified in the altitude chamber, and flew to 50,000 ft., max for non-pressure suit flights). The other U2 I worked with was 66722 that was doing high altitude testing for the SST for clear air turbulence, which was code named operation "High CAT. We gained another U2 in 1969 that had been used by the CIA, and the U2 had been modified to a J75 engine from the older J57. Our home base was Edwards using the old Edwards hangers located on the other side of the base. One of the 5 photos I posted shows 66722 flying above the two hangers and the boom in front of the U2 that was the sensors for the High CAT program. One of the other photos shows our crew and pilots, Col. King kneeling in the middle who was our leader. I am at the far right back row (I wish I looked like that now!). I spent a lot of time TDY, mostly to Patrick AFB in FL. Two of the pictures I posted show 66721 and 66722 on the Patrick runway, and one of 66722 in front of the Patick hanger. Miss that time in my life.
05/06/2015 @ 14:37 [ref: 69072]
 Sumter, SC
I worked at Edwards AFB, Califorina on the U-2 project Serior Girl. I was lucky enough to have flown in aircraft 6721. Some of my pictures are on my face book page. 6722 and 6692 with all our personel. 1968 to 1971.
01/09/2012 @ 09:32 [ref: 51857]
 TSgt (Ret) Glenn R. Chapman
 tucson, AZ
I am pretty sure that the U-2D at Edwards is U-2D 56-6721. It was relocated there from March AFB, CA some time back. The other U-2D, 56-6953, last flew from Beale AFB,CA quite some time back. Not sure where it is now. U-2 56-6682 is at Warner-Robins AFB, GA museum, but I am positive it is in error. Appears to me to be a U-2C. The U-2D was began as a special project back in the early 1960s at Edwards with "Smokey Joe." Hope this helps.
11/07/2011 @ 19:45 [ref: 50043]
 Robert West
 Palmdale, CA
I would like to add some information to this page.
The list that I have of U2-D aircraft serial numbers has only two. They are 56-6721 and 56-6954. Aircraft 56-6721 is the aircraft on display at the Blackbird Airpark.
04/06/2005 @ 15:44 [ref: 9897]
 Bob McReynolds
 Tucson, AZ
Aircraft 953 was converted to a U2-CT and I saw it last in 1986. Where it is now is a good question. There is a picture of a U2-CT (white) and a black tail attached to it. If anyone has this photo, please send me a copy.

07/14/2002 @ 00:15 [ref: 5308]
 TSgt (Ret) Glenn R. Chapman
 Tucson, AZ
I worked on the Air Force U-2 aircraft with the 4080th SRW from 1958-1966. We had two U-2A aircraft that were sent off to Burbank and/or Palmdale later in the program which became U-2D aircraft. These were serial numbers 56-6721 and 56-6953. Where 953 is at today I have no idea. Aircraft 721 was at March AFB, but has been moved to Edwards. I don't believe it is in the Palmdale Museum, but is at Edwards somewhere else.
03/29/2002 @ 19:05 [ref: 4612]
 Jeff Riechmann
 Palmdale, CA
There is currently a U-2D in the Blackbird Airpark at Air Force Plant 42 in Palmdale. (It is on display with an SR-71 and an A-12). I do not know the tail number off hand, but if someone real wants to know what it is, they can e-mail me. This U-2 is currently "owned" by the Edwards AFB museum - which owns Blackbird Airpark - and was loaned to the SkunkWorks for a time for display at their facility.
03/15/2002 @ 16:30 [ref: 4511]
 o, AL
12/03/2000 @ 15:03 [ref: 1134]
 Jim Hottois
 Lewiston, ID
I recently visited the March Field Museum and there was no U2 in sight. How did I miss it?
05/08/2000 @ 00:02 [ref: 161]


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