Martin EB-57B 'Night Intruder'

Notes: Wide body, short wing tactical bomber modified to provide electronic countermeasure targets for ground and airborne radar systems (2 CREW) .
  Base model:B-57
  Nickname:Night Intruder
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber
  Modified Mission:Special electronic installation

  Length: 65' 6" 19.9 m
  Height:15' 6" 4.7 m
  Wingspan: 64' 19.5 m
  Gross Weight: 58,798 lb 26,666 kg
  Max Weight: 58,800 lb 26,666 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Wright J65-W-5
  Thrust (each): 7,220 lb 3,274 kg

  Range: 2,000 miles 3,220 km
  Cruise Speed: 450 mph 724 km/h 391 kt
  Max Speed: 570 mph 917 km/h 495 kt
  Ceiling: 49,000 ft 14,934 m

Examples of this type may be found at
Dyess Linear Air ParkDyess AFBTexas
Edward F. Beale MuseumBeale AFBCalifornia
Laughlin AFBLaughlin AFBTexas
Malmstrom AFB Museum and Air ParkMalmstrom AFBMontana
March Field Air MuseumRiversideCalifornia
South Dakota Air and Space MuseumEllsworth AFBSouth Dakota
USAF Armament MuseumEglin AFBFlorida
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio
Vermont ANG - 158th FG, BurlingtonBurlingtonVermont

EB-57B on display

Dyess Linear Air Park

Edward F. Beale Museum

Laughlin AFB

Malmstrom AFB Museum and Air Park

March Field Museum

South Dakota Air and Space Museum

United States Air Force Museum

USAF Armament Museum

Vermont ANG - 158th FG, Burlington


Recent comments by our visitors
 Don Rumbaugh
 Hanover, PA
Fixed Navigation equipment Nov '66 - Nov '67 Tan Son Nhut. Had 2 or 3 EB 57's Some sort of semi special birds. Went to Stewart & had TDY with 3 '57's at Rein Mein Germany. On the way to Rein Mein, our C118 sprung major hydraulic leak and we landed in Greenland with landing gear sagging. Our commander in Germany was upset because he couldn't see 57's controls @ night. Checked everything..then Replaced everything. Finally removed each face plate and washed them with soap and water in the bathroom. The Commander was happy. Loved 57's and all the other planes I worked on.
11/13/2015 @ 13:07 [ref: 69316]
 alvin press
 Fort Myers, FL
I was station at Stewart 1961 to 1964 I work on B57 in PE for year and half than one of guys from Transit Alert want to go to PE hanger so I switch, Both places brings back lot of memories it was great times there. This past summer I went back home to New York and took ride up to Stewart what a disaster as going down the main road on right lot of buildings are ether gone or looks like war zone .As many of you may no its closed but its international airport now.my email address alvinpress@aol.com
12/09/2014 @ 15:38 [ref: 68817]
 Robert Machetto
 Murphy, NC
Stationed at Stewart AFB 1963-1953 then shipped out to Air Sea rescue in the Azores.
George Leifert and I were in the same Electric Shop.
Ken Loomis and Roger roomed across the hall from me.
Don't remeber Thomas Piston...
Left Air Force after 4 years.
Loved parallelling generators while standing outside the cockpit on ground while the engines were near full power.
Also remember Jim Abel; he took me for a ride in the back seat once to the run-up pad.

07/14/2014 @ 09:44 [ref: 68564]
 George Leifert
 Cooperstown, NY
I was stationed at Stewart from July 1963 through Dec 1965 as an aircraft electrician. PCS to Vietnam, discharged Jan 1967 spent next 34+ years in NY ANG Retired in 1999. Would love to hear from any of the guys from Stewart back then.
12/25/2012 @ 09:29 [ref: 67435]
 Thomas Piston
 Seagrove, NC
I was a crew chief on the B57 52-1516 at Stewart AFB from 1963 to 1966. Would really enjoy hearing from anybody that remembers me. In particular Roger First, Kent Loomis and Gene Cevasco. Gene and his wife Janet were at my discharge party in our home in Rock Tavern and got really smashed. Sam Houston spent a night on my sons bed because he was in no shape to go home.

12/13/2012 @ 10:54 [ref: 67418]
 M Griffin
 , FL
Looking for records concerning, 4603 going tdy to vietnam in 1965, im trying to help vet get benefits base on trip to vietnam.

thanks semper fi
08/09/2012 @ 04:51 [ref: 65197]
 Steven Beeny
 Irvine, CA
Dear all,

I am writing a book about the Canberra aircraft in worldwide service, and am looking for people that either flew or serviced, or even just remember the aircraft to contribute to the book.

If you would like more details, please email me or contact me via my Facebook page.



07/14/2012 @ 21:50 [ref: 63259]
 , WA
My father worked ejection seats on the EB-57's as part of the 17th at Malmstrom AFB MT in the mid to late 70's. I remember and loved the spectacle of the cartridge starts. The bang, cloud of smoke and low growl of the engines coming to life was very cool! Very beautiful planes as well! All of Malmstroms 57's were retired to the desert in AZ about 1979 and they can be seen sitting together on Google Earth.
04/05/2012 @ 21:09 [ref: 54956]
 Chick Thompson
 Farmingdale, NY
I was at Stewart from 1962 to 1965. Was crew chief on 55-4250. Hank and I get together several times a year and would like to hear from you and arrange a get together. We are at the same numbers and addresses.
02/12/2012 @ 07:43 [ref: 52487]
 Rich Aleo aka; OOPS
 Arlington, MA
Great times in the 4603rd. I was the crew chief on B-57B 52-1500 at Stewart AFB. NY. In 65 & 66. I have names of other crew chiefs I would like to hear from. Hank Kuzawa, Larry Warren, Steve Brown, Chick Thompson, Kent Loomis, Rodger First, Paul Pitts, Charlie Bowler, Gene Cavasco. We went on a lot of TDY's together flying frendly enemy penatration missions waking up those Air Defence fighter squadrons.The 57 was a great plane and the years in the U.S. Air Force are a treasured memory.
01/20/2012 @ 12:04 [ref: 52181]


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