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Martin B-57 (Night Intruder)
Primary Role: Bomber  (USAF "B" 1924-Present)

DesignationModified RoleLocationSerial / Regist.
RB-57A Reconnaissance Glenn L. Martin Aviation Museum Middle River, Maryland52-1467
   Hill Aerospace Museum Hill AFB, Utah52-1492
   Museum of Aviation Warner Robins AFB, Georgia52-1475
   New England Air Museum Windsor Locks, Connecticut52-1488
   Selfridge Military Air Museum Selfridge ANG Bas, Michigan52-1485
   USAF History and Traditions Museum San Antonio, Texas52-1482
   Yankee Air Museum Belleville, Michigan52-7421
EB-57A Special electronic installation  
NRB-57A Reconnaissance  
EB-57B Special electronic installation Dyess Linear Air Park Dyess AFB, Texas52-1504
   Edward F. Beale Museum Beale AFB, California52-1526
   Laughlin AFB Laughlin AFB, Texas52-1509
   Malmstrom AFB Museum and Air Park Malmstrom AFB, Montana52-1505
   March Field Air Museum Riverside, California52-1519
   South Dakota Air and Space Museum Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota52-1548
   USAF Armament Museum Eglin AFB, Florida52-1516
   United States Air Force Museum Wright-Patterson, Ohio
   Vermont ANG - 158th FG, Burlington Burlington, Vermont52-1500
B-57B  Air Force Flight Test Center Museum Edwards AFB, California52-1576
   Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum Kalamazoo, Michigan_2-1584
RB-57B Reconnaissance  
WB-57C Weather reconnaissance  
RB-57C Reconnaissance  
RB-57D Reconnaissance Pima Air & Space Museum Tucson, Arizona53-3982
EB-57E Special electronic installation Castle Air Museum Atwater, California55-4253
   Peterson Air & Space Museum Peterson AFB, Colorado55-4279
   Wings Over The Rockies Aviation & Space Museum Denver, Colorado55-4293
B-57E  Pima Air & Space Museum Tucson, Arizona55-4274
   Strategic Air Command Museum Ashland, Nebraska55-4244
WB-57F Weather reconnaissance Museum of Aviation Warner Robins AFB, Georgia63-13293
   Pima Air & Space Museum Tucson, Arizona61-13501

Martin B-57 on display
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