Martin EB-57E 'Night Intruder'

Notes: B-57E modified for ecm capability. Provides electronic countermeasure targets to ground and airborne radar systems.
  Base model:B-57
  Nickname:Night Intruder
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber
  Modified Mission:Special electronic installation

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Examples of this type may be found at
Castle Air MuseumAtwaterCalifornia
Peterson Air & Space MuseumPeterson AFBColorado
Wings Over The Rockies Aviation & Space MuseumDenverColorado

EB-57E on display

Castle Air Museum

Peterson Air & Space Museum

Wings Over The Rockies Aviation & Space Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Steve Millhollen
 Sandy, OR
I was on that TDY to Gardamone, Norway. Remember how the NAF people gave us the big send off and the next morning we were told about the motor problem? Had to 3 point all of the bad motors and cross loaded 2 to other jets and send out the 3 ship home while we waited for new motors to arrive from MAFB. Had a great time waiting and then got to RAF Luchers and had to use the new spare due to a FOD'ed motor. What a TDY!
06/29/2013 @ 16:46 [ref: 67915]
 Steve Millhollen
 Sandy, OR
For all that were in the 4677/17DSES. Col Mungen and CMSGT Wilson still live in Great Falls, as of 2012. Talked to both on the phone when i stopped over for the night.

06/29/2013 @ 16:36 [ref: 67914]
 Gary Ainsworth
 Boise, ID
55-4254 was the one that blew up on 07/16/79 at SLC when we started sending them down to DM AMARC. We heard that SLC FD was less than impressed with the full complement of start carts on board. I was part of the team that went to Elmo to recover it as well.
09/02/2011 @ 09:37 [ref: 48392]
 Ray F.
 Boston, MA
Was the crew chief on 247 and 254 at Elmendorf during '66 and 67 - hear that one of them crash during an intercept mission years later - must of been 247 - does anyone know what happen to 254? Remember the times the CSD had to be changed in -30 weather or the smell of the tailpipe during inspection for cracks - running the engines at night and advancing the throttles just high enough to obtain that familiar tone of the J65 engines.
09/02/2011 @ 07:14 [ref: 48391]
 rich white
 omaha, NE
Bill Muse alive and well ! Thats great. I don't even know if you remember me, but its been along time since you helped train me. Have talked to mike E and he is still kicking. Driving trucks the last I heard. Are you still an avid hunter ? Ever hear from Biddle or Priddis or Jake, Pookie ? Oh well talk at you later. My email address is Richbass7@aol.com. Drop an email sometime. Take care Bill.
08/08/2010 @ 18:03 [ref: 28699]
 Gary Ainsworth
 Meridian, ID
So? How many people here remember the trip to Elmendorf to pick up 254 and 300? Or what Alaskan shrews do to aircraft wiring?
07/10/2010 @ 20:12 [ref: 27129]
 San Jose, CA
Hi Gary!

Send me an e-mail! Send it to: 17thDSES@gmail.com. Put something in it so I can ID that it's from you, and not someone trying to spam me. I'll give you my perm e-mail contact information then, and delete the gmail account.


Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons,
for you are crunchy, and taste good
with ketchup!
07/06/2010 @ 09:42 [ref: 26985]
 Gary Ainsworth
 Meridian, ID
OD! How you been man! If you look around Meridian, ID, you just might find me! Can't believe I lived just down the road from you for over a year, and I used to be in Sac (hate that place) at least once a month.
06/20/2010 @ 14:57 [ref: 26612]
 Larry Berger
 Simms, MT
I worked the 57 from 73 till I sent the last one out in July 0f 79,how well I remember the tip tank dropping,also being "one of the lucky ones" to stay in Norway and change out six bad engines.
06/18/2010 @ 20:19 [ref: 26608]
 John (OD) O\'Donnell
 San Jose, CA
Hi Gary! We've got to figure out a way to get in touch. Dan was living in Sac at least as of '84. I stayed with him for a month after I got out in '83.
05/04/2010 @ 16:01 [ref: 26131]


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