Sikorsky HH-3E 'Sea King'

Notes: Upgraded CH-3B with armor and equipment for aircrew recovery in combat areas. Equipped for MID-AIR refueling.
  Base model:H-3
  Nickname:Sea King
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter
  Modified Mission:Search and Rescue
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Known serial numbers
66-13284 / 66-13290, 68-8282, 69-5798 / 69-5812

Examples of this type may be found at
Museum of AviationWarner Robins AFBGeorgia
National Atomic MuseumKirtland AFBNew Mexico

HH-3E on display

Museum of Aviation


Recent comments by our visitors
 Bob Rock
 Summerville, SC
I was on the maintenance crew on 703 with the 39 ARRWG, DET. 15, at Patrick AFB, Fla. between 1974-1975.
01/25/2016 @ 21:13 [ref: 69449]
 Scott Jenknis
 , WA
EZ, I remember you from EDF, I was the fixed wing guy that came in to manage things for awhile
09/22/2015 @ 15:30 [ref: 69252]
 don mulhall
 fontana, CA
I was assigned to the 5040th sq as a rescue tech, from 1970 to 1975. During that time period we had many rescue missions and with out the expert pilots, and maintiance,and my fellow rescue techs these missions would of been for not. i want to thank you all for so many good flights and so many lives saved. To the rescue techs, your dedication to duty will never be forgot. thank you: J. REHR,D STACK, R THOMPSOM, R JACKSON, R COWLES P BLATCHFORD, and others you gave your all.
02/27/2013 @ 06:38 [ref: 67621]
 Major(ret)Lawrence Lybarger
 cibolo, TX
I flew the H3 from 1968 to 1989 starting with the SH3D in the US Navy. This included deploying the SEALs during the Apollo 13 recovery and ending when I retired in 1989 from the USAF Reserve 71st Special Operations squadron. A great aircraft. Note that every US president including the present has kept their VH3s as personal transport. I also was the next to last pilot to fly 692 before it crashed in 1989. The Air Force Reserve had outstanding aircrews and maintenance personnel. The best I ever flew with.
01/19/2012 @ 17:45 [ref: 52170]
 Robert Ellis
 Jerome, ID
I was assigned to two units at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, from October 1973 until May 1978. The first was the provisional 5040 Helicopter Squadron which belonged to Alaskan Air Command. That unit flew the newest HH-3E's assigned to the Air Force at the time, tail numbers 69-5801 though 69-5812. That unit was deactivated and all resources and personnel were reassigned to the 71st Air Rescue and Recovery Squadron, Air Rescue and Recovery Service, Military Airlift Command, in the summer of 1976. The squadron lost one helicopter in an operational mission during March, I believe, 1976, resulting in the loss of the pilot in command, Capt Ed Solomon.

My personal "best mission" had to be one weekend in 1977 when on alert, I was launched on one mission which multiplied to four separate sorties involving aircraft crashes (2 incidents), one vehicle accident victim rescue, and a search along the section of Eagle River from the Cook Inlet shoreline to the Glenn Highway looking for a boating accident survivor. We ended up flying a little over four hours and landed with just over 300 pounds of fuel at Elmendorf after picking up eight crash survivors from three different sites, one at 4,750 up the side of a glacier not far from Elmendorf and Anchorage.

11/16/2010 @ 19:26 [ref: 33311]
 William Ezell (EZ)
 , CA
Worked on ch-3s and hh-3es At Elmendorf 1986-1990
69-5812 HH-3E Christine
69-5809 HH-3E
69-5806 HH-3E
69-5803 HH-3E
69-5802 HH-3E

63-09690 CH-3
64-14228 CH-3
65-15968 CH-3

5812 Got the name Christine After the movie.
Looking For old Friends and Fellow 616cams- 71aars Pilots crew Mechanics etc..

Another Good website is www.jollygreen.org
07/14/2010 @ 11:55 [ref: 27140]
 Craig B. Bergman
 Tucson, AZ
Tail numbers 703,707, 718, 724, 798 were redesignated as MH-3Es when we (71 SOS) deployed to Desert Storm. 703 is shown sitting outside Robins AFB Museum in fades desert paint. We also had 6309676 (Black Mariah) which is now at the AF Museum in her black paint. 6505692 was lost in March 1989 north of Tucson with all hands lost.
03/06/2010 @ 22:02 [ref: 25835]
 CMSgt Jeffery Rooding
 , MI
I was a Flight Engineer on 69-5804 and 69-5808 when they were transfered from Active Duty to the Reserves to the 305th ARS at Selfridge ANG Base, Mi. Great aircraft and I miss the days. Note: The title says Sea King when it should be Jolly Green. This is the Air Force variant and not Navy.
10/29/2009 @ 04:06 [ref: 25228]
 Sean Hackney
 , NV
When I was station at Robins in CLSS, we spent 2 years reburbing this H-3 to look like it did in in south east asia, but I do believe the tail was 702, if you every get a chance to review it,
02/19/2009 @ 19:32 [ref: 23770]
 Brian Barney
 Battle Ground, WA
Bob- Thanks for the photo of 69-5808. I noticed it has MAC badges and 71 ARRS on the side, it must have been taken after I left in May 1976 when we were still AAC. Also good photo of short stop at Anaktuvic Pass on the way back from Barrow. That was one cold bugger of a day!
12/05/2008 @ 16:43 [ref: 23193]


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