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Exhibits - By Primary role
Attack - 'A' 1962-Present
 Douglas A-4B (Skyhawk) Serial No: 142879 
 Douglas A-4C (Skyhawk) Serial No: 148492  
 Douglas A-4F (Skyhawk) Serial No: 154204 
 Douglas A-4M (Skyhawk) Serial No: 160264 
 Douglas TA-4J (Skyhawk) Serial No: 158467  
Bomber - 'B' 1924-Present
 North American B-25C (Mitchell) Serial No: 44-86727  
Fighter (USSR)
 Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-15 (Fagot) Serial No: 81072  
Fighter - 'F' 1922-1962
 General Motors (Eastern Aircra FM-2 (Wildcat) Serial No: 16278  
 Grumman F4F-3 (Wildcat) Serial No: 12320  
 Grumman F9F-2 (Panther) Serial No: 123652  
 Grumman F9F-8P (Cougar) Serial No: 141722  
 McDonnell F2H-2 (Banshee) Serial No: 124988  
 North American FJ-3 (Fury) Serial No: 135883 
 Vought F4U-5N (Corsair) Serial No: 122189  
Fighter - 'F' 1962-Present
 Douglas F-10B (SkyKnight) Serial No: 124630 
 McDonnell-Douglas F-4B (Phantom II) Serial No: 148373 
 McDonnell-Douglas F-4N (Phantom II) Serial No: 152244  
 McDonnell-Douglas F-4S (Phantom II) Serial No: 157246  
 McDonnell-Douglas FA-18A (Hornet) Serial No: 161749  
 McDonnell-Douglas RF-4B (Phantom II) Serial No: 151981 
 Vought F-8E (Crusader) Serial No: 150920  
 Vought RF-8G (Crusader) Serial No: 146858  
 Vought RF-8G (Crusader) Serial No: 144617 
Helicopter, Training - USMC 'HT' 1948-1962
 Bell HTL-6 (Sioux) Serial No: 142394  
Helicopter - 'H' 1948-Present
 Bell OH-13G (Sioux) Serial No: 52-7873  
 Piasecki UH-25B (Retriever) Serial No: 128596  
Helicopter - 'H' 1962-Present
 Bell AH-1J (Sea Cobra) Serial No: 157784  
 Bell TH-1L (Iroquois) Serial No: 157824  
Helicopter (USA)
 Bell 214ST (Super Transport) Serial No: 28166 
Observation - 'O' 1922-1962
 Convair OY-1 (Sentinel) Serial No: 76121 
Scout trainer - 'SN' 1939-1948
 North American SNJ-5 (Texan) Serial No: 90866 
Torpedo Bomber - 'TB' 1935-1946
 Eastern (GM) TBM-3E (Avenger) Serial No: 53726 
Trainer - 'T' 1948-1962
 Lockheed TV-1 (Training Star) Serial No: 33840  
Transport - 'C' 1925-1962
 Douglas VC-54P (Skymaster) Serial No: 90392  
Transport - 'R' 1931-1962
 Douglas R4D-8 (Skytrain) Serial No: 50835 
 Fairchild R4Q-2 (Flying Boxcar) Serial No: 131708  
V/STOL - 'V' 1956-Present
 North American (Rockwell) OV-10D (Bronco) Serial No: 155494 


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 airline credit card
 , California

As it were, the museum is not just a place to store the relics of the past. But also as a medium for learning.
07/29/2011 @ 05:32 [ref: 20511]
 True Religion Brand Jeans
 , California

07/19/2011 @ 00:04 [ref: 19418]
 Duane McCartney
 , North Carolina

I was stationed there from 1955 - 57 with VMA 223. Radio/electronics. Have often wondered the whereabouts or destiny of my NCO, MSgt. Tommy Harper. A fine gentleman as were most members of the squadron. A fine site. I might make one correction re list of exhibits. At least I hope I have not become so feeble as to get this wrong. The Panther F9F-2 (earlier model of the F9F-5 I think, at least the 5's in our squadron had one engine) had only one engine. Just a minor point I reckon. Hope that I am indeed correct.
06/21/2011 @ 15:10 [ref: 17903]
 Kira Gentry
 Fullerton, California

Hello, I found your web site while researching the El Toro Marine Air Station and have read the many posts on this site with great interest. Currently myself and a group of graduate students from California State University, Fullerton, are working with The Great Park Corporation to preserve the history of the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station through the collection of oral histories. This is a great opportunity and a meaningful experience for all those involved. Of greater importance, however, is the preservation of the remarkable experiences and fascinating stories of the many people who served on the base, lived in the surrounding communities, or have family members associated with the base, both military and civilian. At this time we have conducted over 225 interviews with WWII and Korean War veterans, spouses, dependents, and community members and are currently concentrating on the 1954-1963 time period. However, we are interested in hearing from anyone with memories of the El Toro base. If you would like to be considered for the project, or know someone associated with the base, please let us know. We can be reached at 657-278-8415 or via email at Thank you, Kira Gentry Project Mananger El Toro Marine Air Station Oral History Project
04/26/2010 @ 09:24 [ref: 9338]
 george rodriguez
 houston, Texas

I was station at El Toro from 80 to 82 with MAG-11. It was a great duty station. Even though Okinawa was the place to be. El Toro had everything, Santa Ana, Anaheim, L.A., Laguna Beach, etc. it was so centralize, but most important were the Marines and all the supporting units that kept the Phantoms and later the Hornets flying. Too bad that MCAS El Toro is closed now. Siempre Fi.
03/05/2010 @ 11:48 [ref: 9282]
 Eugene Day
 Pacifica, California

Was also stationd at El Toro from Dec. 1955 to Mar. 1957 with MABS 15 Crash Crew untill transferring to MAG 11, Atsugi, Japan. I recall the air groups at that time were MAG 15, MAG 25, MAG 33 and I believe the R5D squadrons were part of MAG 39, although I could be mistaken on that one. Would welcome hearing from anyone that also served during the same time frame.
01/21/2010 @ 15:32 [ref: 9239]
 Lcpl Thomas Hearrell
 Longview, Texas

I was stationed at ET 1955-1956 But I don't remember what units were there at that time I think I was in MAG 13 but Im not sure if some one could enlighten me. thanks Simper Fi
01/07/2010 @ 20:36 [ref: 9220]
 sally nicholson
 , California

Iím trying to find the names of some of the pilots that served under Nick Kirby. My husband was on a flight exchange program stationed at MCAS El Toro 1985. I can remember a few names Kermit, Jay, Lance. Thanks
12/04/2009 @ 19:22 [ref: 9184]
 Al Buckner
 , Texas

I was stationed at El Toro in 1967-1968 as part of Base Electronics Division/GCA Radar. This was a great duty station.
06/27/2009 @ 17:41 [ref: 8808]
 Mike Jewell
 Chicago, Illinois

Hey Brian, What the hell are you doing in Texas? Did you join the ARMY?
04/04/2009 @ 11:37 [ref: 8769]

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