Valiant Air Command Museum

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Address(1)6600 Tico Rd

Exhibits - By Primary role
Anti-Submarine - 'S' 1946-1962
 Grumman S2F-1 (Tracker) Serial No: 136433 
Attack - 'A' 1962-Present
 Grumman A-6E (Intruder) Serial No: 162182 
 Vought A-7A (Corsair II) Serial No: 153135 
Fighter (Germany)
 Messerschmitt Me-208 Serial No: Unknown 
Fighter (USSR)
 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17PF (Fresco D) Serial No: Unknown 
 Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-17F (Fresco C) Serial No: 1020 
Fighter - 'F' 1922-1962
 General Motors (Eastern Aircra FM-1 (Wildcat) Serial No: 14994 
Fighter - 'F' 1948-Present
 McDonnell F-101F (Voodoo) Serial No: 59-0400 
 North American F-86A (Sabre) Serial No: Unknown 
Fighter - 'F' 1962-Present
 Grumman F-14A (Tomcat) Serial No: 161134 
 McDonnell-Douglas F-4J (Phantom II) Serial No: 155563 
Helicopter - 'H' 1962-Present
 Bell UH-1H (Iroquois) Serial No: 67-17658 
 Bell UH-1V (Iroquois) Serial No: 68-16138 
Liaison - 'L' 1942-1962
 Piper L-4J (Grasshopper) Serial No: 43-330426 
Observation - 'O' 1962-Present
 Cessna O-2A (Skymaster) Serial No: 67-21330 
Trainer, Ground (USA)
 Link Trainer Serial No: Unknown 
Trainer - 'T' 1948-Present
 Lockheed T-33B (Training Star) Serial No: Unknown 
 North American T-28D (Trojan) Serial No: 51-3766 
Transport - 'C' 1925-1962
 Douglas C-47A (Skytrain) Serial No: 42-100591 
V/STOL - 'V' 1956-Present
 Grumman OV-1D (Mohawk) Serial No: Unknown 
 Grumman RV-1D (Mohawk) Serial No: 64-14965 


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 Victor Peirce
 Shoreham-By-Sea, Florida

I visited this museum last summer. Really nice collection of aircraft, and very friendly staff and volunteers! Really enjoyed my visit and would highly recommend Valiant as a must see museum for anyone who has any interest in aviation. Great bunch of people and great exhibits.
04/09/2016 @ 22:28 [ref: 55921]
 Ken Neubeck
 Patchogue, New York

This is a very good museum and worth a stop either before or after going to the Kennedy Space Center. The bookstore is excellent. There are a number of aircraft being restored as well. There is an airshow that is held there during the spring every year also.
04/20/2007 @ 10:31 [ref: 5850]
 Steve Burnett
 Roslin, Midlothian,

I managed to visit this museum just prior to leaving the USA for home, it is very interesting with good exhibits and displays, the staff are exceptionally friendly and dedicated, all of the staff I met were unpaid volunteers. I was delighted when I was presented with a piece of the tail section from the C-47 \"TICO BELLE\" which had been signed by the restoration crew present that day, my own piece of history! I wish all the staff the very best with the museum and would encourage anyone in the area to visit as I will certainly do again.
12/12/2006 @ 06:13 [ref: 5487]
 Frederick Thompson
 Romford, Essex,

I visited this museum in early March 2003. The staff were very friendly and helpful and the exhibits were very good. I treasure the scrap of Tico Belle I purchased in aid of her restoration. As I was too early for that year\\\'s airshow I made up my mind to come again and hope to attend on 12th March 2006 before flying back to London.
02/16/2006 @ 04:55 [ref: 4807]
 Mark Artis
 Frisco, Texas

Back to visit last week after 9 years. This time both me and my wife visited and were very impressed with the exhibits....It was great to see the Wildcat sitting there. The last time it was in pieces and the Grumman guys were working on it. This museum has come a long way since my last visit and we both will return. We also visited Kermit Week's "Fantasy of Flight" and were astounded by the price of admission and the inability to view the aircraft due to crowding and his reluctance to allow visitors to see it all. Yes, the walk thru is great and the interactive B-17 is great. We both loved it...but if anyone is reading this.....spend you money with the Valiant Air Command and get up close and personal with the aircraft. I will not go back to Kermit's place. Best wishes to all that work so hard to make the VAC Museum a success.
01/18/2005 @ 22:10 [ref: 3726]
 Sam F. Wriught
 Rancho Santa Margarita, California

I am building a radio control model of Rosie the Rocketeer Piper L4 with a 108" wingspan. This is a full scale model. I need a good photograph of the interior of the L4, but mainly a top view of the window glass. This is probably not a service you do, however, if there is a cost for the service, I will be glad to pay it. I can receive digital JPeG photos at this email. I look forward to any help you can provide. All available photo packs do not focus on the interior of the L4. Thank you Sam Wright
08/03/2004 @ 16:06 [ref: 3328]
 Mike Letalien
 Lubbock, Texas

I have a pic from 2000 when I visited VAC Museum that I need help identifying. Originally I tagged it as a Lockheed L-60 Conestoga type (they licensed it elsewhere), but I've had some comments saying that isn't what it is, but offering no alternatives. Pic is at, or go to (will photo for food) and the VAC museum is located among the other museum sites.
02/03/2003 @ 08:48 [ref: 2785]
 Dave Griffiths
 Silver Spring, Maryland

I visited last December. My kids were too young to enjoy the KSC tour. What a surpise and a great museum. Rare russian and german aircraft, as well as several trainers the kids could climb in. I highly reccomend this fine museum. I am an engineer in the Space world, but I think my family had more fun at the aircraft museum.
08/29/2002 @ 15:15 [ref: 2429]
 Alice Iacuzzzo
 Titusville, Florida

E Mail Phone 321 268 1941 Fax 321 268 5969 On display in the museum C47 (flying) T28 (flying) S2f (flying0 F101 F 86 (in restoration) F14 A6 A7 F-4 F4U (1/2 Scale) Messerscmitt (restoration) Thanks A. Iacuzzo Personnel Director
12/13/2000 @ 22:09 [ref: 674]
 Mike Lucas
 Caselberry, Florida

I was at your air show last year and saw a F-4 Phantom on display. I was in he Marine Corps and worked on the Phantom and seeing it brought back some fond memories of over 30 years ago. Is it still display? My Phantom squadron VMFA-333 ,aka Trip-Trey, was one of the few if not the only USMC F-4 to "splash" a Mig in Vietnam (about 1973+-). Do you still have the F-4 on display?? I'd like to revisit the old bird again. I had a great time while at your show and plan on attending again in the future...Great job. If I lived closer to you I'd help on the upkeep of the F-4. I was also an Intruder mechanic in DaNang as well. I saw your A-6 at that same show as well. Thanks for the memories. L A T E R, Mike Lucas sgt. USMC, check crew6511 (1967-1971)
08/03/2000 @ 18:02 [ref: 349]


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