Demarini Whisper Review

Take Your Fastpitch To Next Level With This Demarini Whisper Fastpitch Bat!

Softball is becoming an increasingly popular sport in the world. In 2021, in the United States alone, around 8.1 million people practiced the sport at least once. People like to play all types of softball events including fastpitch, slowpitch, and modified-pitch softball, which is why the demand for softball bats is booming. 

As per estimates, the global softball bats market size is expected to read a value of US $2,810 million by 2030. Hence, more and more brands are coming forward with their bat designs with different specifications and pieces. 

But choosing the right fastpitch bat requires a lot of research and not everyone has the time for that. So, for your ease, we’ve shortlisted a fastpitch bat-Demarini Whisper-that’s specifically been designed to meet the requirements of fastpitch players. 

In this article, we will review Demarini Whisper in detail talking about its specifications, pros and cons, and pricing. If you’re looking for a high-end softball bat, read to the end so that you can make an informed buying decision. 

What Is Demarini Whisper?

Demarini Whisper is a fastpitch bat made by a well-known brand in the world of softball bats: Demarini. Demarini’s slowpitch, baseball, and earlier variants of fastpitch bats are already popular among softball players. 

This newly launched bat of the Whisper collection, called the Demarini Whisper is a perfect bat for advanced hitters. It comes in three different sizes: -10, -9, and -8, all proven to be offering great value for money. 

Commonly, two types of weighted bats are used in fastpitch softball, which include the balanced and end-loaded. The latter is for more power hitters, hence they tend to be heavier. On the other hand, the balanced bat is a perfect fit for contact hitters as the weight is evenly distributed throughout the bat. 

This Demarini Whisper is end-loaded as well as perfectly balanced. So, when on one hand it is a perfect pick for advanced hitters, it works well for those looking for a bat that creates a swifter swing speed. 

This fastpitch bat is made of a combination of materials including carbon fibers and polypropylene fibers. The bat is known for its responsive feel, the balanced weight, and strong grip and fastpitch softball players find it a valuable purchase. 

Who is Demarini Whisper For?

This 2023 Demarini Whisper is for all the fastpitch players that are looking for a high-end bat for taking their fastpitch game to next level. No matter if you have a contact hitter or a power hitter, this bat delivers monstrous hits in all moments. The good news is that fastpitch players can even get their bat customized by Demarini.

This fastpitch bat is suitable for softball players of all skill levels because it’s very easy to handle. So if you are a beginner or a more experienced player, Demarini Whisper is an ideal bat for you. 

Specifications of the Demarini Whisper

The new Demarini Whisper is a perfect bat for fastpitch advanced players. What makes this bat a perfect pick for fastpitch players is its specifications that target optimal performance with an elite user experience. Here are the top features of the Demarini Whisper bat: 

  • Gapped Wall Technology

The new Demarini Whisper uses an amplified gapped wall technology, which distinguishes it from all the previous fastpitch bats of Demarini. Demarini Whisper’s inner and outer barrel wall construction features a vast gap between the walls of the bat. 

Now the increased space between the composite layers, the bat generates a trampoline effect. Hence, it provides better performance with a brighter sound when the ball hits the bat. Also, the double walls make the bat durable and allow the fastpitch player to hit back the ball harder. This feature makes Demarini Whisper an ideal pick for power hitters.  

  • Continuous Fiber Barrel

Another great thing about this bat is its continuous fiber barrel. The diameter of the Demarini Whisper barrel is 21/4’’ and it’s made by rolling composite material upon itself. This enhances its durability thus making the final product consistent. 

Most contact hitters don’t use the taper of the bat as the Demarini Whisper has a large sweet allowing the player to swing the bat faster. 

Upon contact, the composite handle of Demarini Whisper jumpstarts the ball generating extra-base hits and potent exit velocities. This fiber barrel makes this bat one of the best picks for fastpitch players that want to have a powerful barrel. 

  • Connection and handle 

Not just the composite durable barrel, but the anomaly connection and trumpet handle are also the highlights of the 2023 Demarini Whisper. The handle and the connection work collectively to maximize the exit velocities and boost the player’s strength. 

The handle offers a good grip and the player doesn’t have to do an effort to hold the bat. The handle measurements vary for the three variations. The Whisper (-10) comes with a narrow 0.800’’ handle that dampens vibrations produced by the contact with the ball. This ensures that the player can experience a solid feel during hitting. 

On the other hand, the Whisper (-9) and the Whisper (-8) feature a wide handle nearly equal to 0.840’’. Due to this wide composite handle, power hitters get a stiffer feel which helps them generate more power when the bat comes in contact with the ball. 

So, overall, Damini has made sure to satisfy all types of hitters with a strong connection and composite handle. No matter if you like power-hitting or contact-hitting, Demarini Whisper will never disappoint you. 

  • Anomaly End Cap

Last but not least, Demarini Whisper has an anomaly end cap that’s made using lightweight materials that offer great durability as well. Because of this end cap, the barrel of Darimini Whisper provides optimal performance as well as durability, which isn’t common in a lot of fastpitch bats. This cap is specifically made to complement the amplified gapped wall barrel thus ensuring strong hitting. 

Is Demarini Whisper Worth The Investment? Demarini Whisper Benefits 

As Demarini Whisper counts among the high-end fastpitch bats, one thinks twice before spending money on it. The benefits offered by this bat make it worth the investment. Here are some of the benefits due to which Demarini Whisper stands out among various fastpitch bats available in the market: 

  • Improved Swing Speed

One of the most significant things about this bat is the improved swing speed it offers. The barrel of the bat is made of lightweight materials which allow the players to generate more bat speed thus ultimately giving way to harder-hit balls.

  • Maximum Durability

Another good thing about Demarini Whisper is its maximum durability. The composite handle and the fiber barrel offer durability without causing scratches on the bat for a long time. 

  • Enhanced Control

Last but not least, Demarini Whisper’s weight is equally distributed throughout the bat. Because of this, the players can control their swing in a better way and enjoy more consistent hitting. 

Demarini Whisper Sizes 

This fastpitch bat by Demarini comes in three different sizes. These include -10, -9, and -8, all of which are perfect for advanced hitters. 

The Whisper (-10) is available in 31”, 32”, 33”, and 34” sizes. The Whisper (-9) comes in 32”, 33”, and 34”, and Whisper (-8) is available in 33” and 34”. In every size you pick, you can feel the pop off the bat and experience an effortless swing without having to use much power. 

Demarini Whisper – Pros & Cons

Now that you’ve had an idea about Demarini Whisper’s specifications, it’s time to have a quick look at some of the pros and cons of this fastpitch bat.


  • A large sweet spot on the bat helps players make better contact with the ball
  • The composite handle allows hitters to generate more power
  • You can also get yourself a custom bat 


  • It’s a bit overpriced so not suitable for those on budget 
  • The bat is available in limited lengths and weights 

Demarini Whisper – Pricing Overview

Regarding the price of the Demarini Whisper, it costs you $449.95, which is more than the average price of baseball bats. If you’re on a budget, you can find various other options in the market that are less in cost and deliver quality. 

However, there is a deal that lets you get your hands on this amazing baseball ball. Demarini allows the customers to break their order into 4 interest-free payments, each equal to $112.48, with the help of Klarna. 

For this, you need to choose Klarna when on the checkout page and only the first payment will be deducted. The rest of the three payments will be deducted every two weeks and hence you can enjoy playing with the Demarini Whisper without spending the amount right away. 

Another good thing is that you can also get a custom bat made for you. For this, you’ll just have to pay $50 and Demarini will deliver the bat of your choice to you within 4 to 6 weeks. But you need to be aware that you cannot return custom bats so once you receive the order, you’ll have to keep it. So, always double-check your bat’s specifications before placing the order. 

Where To Buy Demarini Whisper?

You can buy Demarini Whisper on the official website of Demarini: Other than that, the product is also available on Amazon and some other retailers. 

However, the return policy and price may vary depending on where you buy Demarini Whisper from. So, always compare the platforms before making the final purchase. If you buy from Demarini’s official site, you even have the option to get your bat customized for some additional bucks. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about Demarini Whisper that you should read before buying this product: 

  • Is the Demarini Whisper balanced?

Yes, Demarini Whisper has a balanced weight distribution throughout the bat, allowing it to produce a brighter sound and elite performance. 

  • Is the Demarini Whisper end loaded?

Yes, Demarini Whisper is en-loaded, which is why it’s the ideal fastpitch bat for power hitters. 

  • What is Demarini’s return policy? 

You can return most items within 30 days of shipment receipt. However, you cannot return custom orders as they are final. 

  • Can I return a product to that was purchased from an authorized dealer? 

No, you cannot return any product purchased from an authorized dealer to For that, you’ll have to talk to the dealer as returns the product purchased from the platform only. 

  • Can I return a custom product? 

No, you cannot return a custom product. This is because the custom order is made specifically for you per your requirements, so it cannot be returned. So, it’s recommended to confirm the order details to avoid any mismatch. 

Conclusion – Final Verdict!

Lastly, fastpitch softball is one of the popular sports out there. People love to spend their leisure time playing sports. So those who enjoy the sport are constantly looking for new fastpitch bats for perfecting their game. 

When we think of brands that make fastpitch bats, Demarini undoubtedly tops the list with its unique bat collection. Fastpitch players have loved the bats launched in the Prism+, CF, and Youth collections. Now the newly launched 2023 Demarini Whisper is specifically engineered for elite performance.

With its gapped wall technology, connection and handle, continuous fiber handle, and anomaly end cap, this fastpitch bat is a real game changer. You can even ask Demarini to make a custom bat for you, completely in line with your requirements. Regarding the certification, Demarini Whisper is approved for play in NSA, ISA, ASA, USSSA, and ISF. 

So, if you are a fastpitch player, go get your hands on this amazing bat. You can buy Demarini Whisper not only on the official platform of Demarini but also on Amazon as well. 

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