Lockheed CF-104G 'Starfighter'

  Base model:CF-104
  Basic role:Fighter (Canada)
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  Length: 54' 9" 16.6 m
  Wingspan: 21' 11" 6.6 m
  Wingarea: 196.1 sq ft 18.2 sq m
  Gross Weight: 21,688 lb 9,836 kg
  Max Weight: 21,690 lb 9,836 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: General Electric J79-OEL-7
  Thrust (each):15,800 lb 7,165 kg

  Range: 1,550 miles 2,495 km
  Max Speed: 1,450 mph 2,334 km/h 1,261 kt
  Ceiling: 58,000 ft 17,678 m


Mar 18, 1961
The first production CF-104 made by Canadair, under licence from Lockheed) is rolled out at Cartierville, Canada.

Examples of this type may be found at
R.C.A.F. Memorial MuseumAstraOntario

CF-104G on display

R.C.A.F. Memorial Museum


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 Rollie Renaud
 Toronto, ON
They can knock the STARFGHTER all they want but this was My Baby! as a "techie" keeping the birds up, it was my favourite having joined the RCAF in 59 after Dief killed the Arrow. This bird was incredible! Even got a trip in a D at Cold Lake in '63. I got a kick out off doing Primrose lake at 1100 MPH.......Took care of them In 3 Wing, 4 Wing and Decimamano Sardinia. We had some of the best drivers in the world. And our birds had the highest servicabilty rating of any air force when it came to 104's. During NATO competitions we won "hands down". Even after 40 years I could still do a BFI. I miss it still and just shook my head when I saw ours go to the Turks, where I doubt fewer than half of them ever flew again. It was a spectacular bird when you consider the year it was designed in.
08/29/2005 @ 23:11 [ref: 11125]
 Rene\' Serrao F/L (Ret)
 Portuguese Cove, NS
In 1967 (Canada's Centennial Year) I was privilaged to demonstrate the CF104 with the Golden Centennaires Aerobatic Team - flying my 104 in formation with Jake Miller in his CF101 Voodoo. Many said that it was impossible to successfully fly formation aerobatics with these two vastly different high performance jets. Well! Jake and I proved the nay sayers wrong and made history.
Too bad our historically important feat has never been chronicled adequately.
Best Wishes for 2002

01/05/2002 @ 09:56 [ref: 3984]
 Estrella Warbird Museum
 Paso Robles, CA
One of 1,700 Starfighters built, our two-place G-model first served with the US Air Force, then for a while with the German Air Force, and was finally acquired by National Air and Space Administration in 1975, where it was used in safety tests, as a photo plane, and for pilot proficiency training -- one of its instructor-pilots being the legendary Chuck Yeager. After 1,127 flights, it was retired in 1985, then loaned to California Polytechnic College in 1995, and in turn to the Estrella Warbird Museum in March 2000.
10/02/2001 @ 18:57 [ref: 3306]


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