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Beech C-45 (Expeditor)
Primary Role: Transport  (USAF "C" 1925-1962)

DesignationModified RoleLocationSerial / Regist.
UC-45 Utility  
C-45 (UC-45)  Heritage In Flight Museum Lincoln, Illinois
   Scott AFB Scott AFB, IllinoisN7743C
   Vermont ANG - 158th FG, Burlington Burlington, VermontN128V
   Wings Over The Rockies Aviation & Space Museum Denver, Colorado42-37496
UC-45A Utility  
RC-45A Reconnaissance  
C-45A (UC-45A)   
C-45B (UC-45B)   
UC-45B Utility  
UC-45C Utility  
UC-45D Utility Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Mount Hope, Ontario143 / C-GZCE
UC-45E Utility  
UC-45F Utility  
RC-45F Reconnaissance  
DC-45F Drone director  
C-45G  Air Mobility Command Museum Dover AFB, Delaware51-11795
   Castle Air Museum Atwater, California51-11897
   Minnesota Air Guard Museum Minneapolis, Minnesota
   Museum of Aviation Warner Robins AFB, Georgia51-11653
TC-45G Trainer  
C-45H  Hill Aerospace Museum Hill AFB, Utah52-10862
   South Dakota Air and Space Museum Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota52-10866
   Travis Air Force Museum Travis AFB, California52-10865
   United States Air Force Museum Wright-Patterson, Ohio210893
RC-45H Reconnaissance  
TC-45H Trainer  
RC-45J Reconnaissance Pima Air & Space Museum Tucson, Arizona29585 / N75018
UC-45J Utility Air Force Flight Test Center Museum Edwards AFB, California
   Pima Air & Space Museum Tucson, Arizona
TC-45J Trainer  
VC-45J Staff transport  

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