Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-17 'Fresco C'

  Base model:MiG-17
  Nickname:Fresco C
  Basic role:Fighter (USSR)

  Length: 36' 11.5" 11.2 m
  Height:12' 5.6' 3.6 m
  Wingspan: 31' 7" 9.6 m
  Wingarea: 243.7 sq ft 22.6 sq m
  Empty Weight: 8,371 lb 3,796 kg
  Gross Weight: 11,460 lb 5,197 kg
  Max Weight: 13,068 lb 5,926 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Klimov VK-1A
  Thrust (each): 5,953 lb 2,700 kg

  Range: 805 miles 1,296 km
  Max Speed: 690 mph 1,114 km/h 602 kt
  Ceiling: 51,170 ft 15,596 m

Examples of this type may be found at
Champlin Fighter MuseumMesaArizona
McClellan Aviation MuseumMcClellan AFBCalifornia
Museum of AviationWarner Robins AFBGeorgia
San Diego Aerospace MuseumSan DiegoCalifornia
The Air Museum "Planes of Fame"ChinoCalifornia
United States Air Force MuseumWright-PattersonOhio

Mig-17 on display

Champlin Fighter Museum

McClellan Aviation Museum

Museum of Aviation

San Diego Aerospace Museum

The Air Museum "Planes of Fame"

United States Air Force Museum


Recent comments by our visitors
 Jim Price
 Kilmarnock, VA
The North Vietnamese lost two Mig-17's to A-1 Skyraiders during the war. One was shotdown on June 20,1965 and the other on Oct 9,1966. In both cases, it was 4 20mm cannon fire
04/12/2015 @ 07:50 [ref: 69036]
 Rene Quinones
 Sheridan, OR
Evergreen Aviation Museum, McMinnville Or., has a Mig 15, 17, 23 & 29. It also houses the Spruce Goose
12/09/2011 @ 12:08 [ref: 51057]
 , IL
MiG 17 F for sale on airplanesusa.com $49.9k
03/28/2010 @ 04:41 [ref: 25937]
 Nelson Havel
 , OR
Their is a MIG 17 LIM 5 at Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum in Hillsboro Orego that has been restored as has been flying in several air shows here in the Pacific Northwest. You can see it at WWW.Classicaircraft.org
01/10/2009 @ 10:10 [ref: 23461]
 Jack L Gilbert
 Rio Rancho, NM
A couple more places I've recently seen MiG-17s on display: The 8th AF museum in Savannah, GA, and the air museum in Sevierville, TN. There is also a civilian airshow team flying all-red 17s (sponsored by Smirnoff vodka, I think).
12/27/2008 @ 17:04 [ref: 23359]
 Poznan, AL
MIG 17 ( LiM 5 polish production ) for sale. Not redy to fly, for restoration. Please write I will sell picture. berdyk@poczta.fm
03/29/2008 @ 07:17 [ref: 20280]
 , AZ
I am looking for a working, still flight capable Mig 17 for $50000 or less.
12/15/2007 @ 19:04 [ref: 18936]
 , OTH
Look at www.karebybil.se, bilar, beg.
We have a saab s29 from 1955 with engine.
Maybe someones interested.....
Peter 0046707-831580
09/10/2007 @ 22:13 [ref: 17892]
 Andrea Sironi
 Milano, OTH
Hi everybody,
I need technical assistance on MIG-17.
For an university project, I need to know the fusolage diameter.
Thanks and best regards!
07/02/2007 @ 04:13 [ref: 16999]
 London, IN
I am intrested with a MIG 17 or above.
If you have one and want a quick sale
must be in a good condition and working perfectly.
parts needed aswell so please call me on

or email

04/09/2007 @ 09:04 [ref: 16143]


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