San Diego Aerospace Museum

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Address(1)2001 Pan American Plaza
Address(2) Balboa Park
CitySan Diego

    San Diego Aerospace Museum
    Experience aviation's history from the Wright Flyer to the Space Shuttle and beyond... The San Diego Aerospace Museum brings to life aviaton's rich heritage through a dazzling collection of over 65 U.S. and foreign aircraft and spacecraft on display for your educational enjoyment.

    Glimpse the dawn of powered flight at Kittyhawk. Recapture the days of aerial combat during World War I, when fighter planes like the Spad, the Nieuport and the Albatros flew the skies over france. Enjoy the Golden Age of Barnstorming and the first mail plane, a Curtiss JN-4 "Jenny".

    Take to the skies in World War II when Spitfires, ME 109s, Zeros and Hellcats were fighting to rule the skies over Europe and the vast Pacific area. Burst into the Jet Age with the A-5 Skyhawk, the F-4 Phantom and the record-setting spy plane, the Blackbird.

    A tour of the museum also includes the International Aerospace Hall of fame where our aero-engineers, pilots and aviation industrialists are honoured. It was their vision that created the aircraft and spacecraft that comprise our nation's marvelous aviation history.

General Information

    Hours of operation
    Open daily : 10:00 - 4:30
    Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day
    Adults: $6.00
    Ages 6-17: $2
    Under 6: Free
    Active Duty Military: Free
Exhibits - By Primary role
Attack - 'A' 1962-Present
 Douglas A-4C (Skyhawk) Serial No: 148517 
 Grumman A-6E (Intruder) Serial No: 162195  
 Vought A-7B (Corsair II) Serial No: 154554  
Commercial Transport (USA)
 Douglas DC-3 (Dakota) Serial No: Unknown 
 Ford 5-AT-B (Tri-motor) Serial No: Unknown 
 Waco YKS-7 Serial No: N17713 
Fighter (Germany)
 Fokker DR.1 Serial No: unkn0577 
 Messerschmitt Bf-109G-14 (Gustav) Serial No: Unknown 
Fighter (Japan)
 Mitsubishi A6M7 (Zero) Serial No: Unknown 
Fighter (UK)
 Supermarine SpitfireMk XVI Serial No: Unknown 
Fighter (USSR)
 Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-15 (Fagot) Serial No: Unknown  
 Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-15 (Fagot) Serial No: 70201 
 Mikoyan-Gurevich Mig-17 (Fresco C) Serial No: Unknown 
Fighter - 'F' 1922-1962
 Boeing F4B-4 Serial No: Unknown  
 Grumman F4F-3A (Wildcat) Serial No: 3969  
 Grumman F6F-3 (Hellcat) Serial No: Unknown  
Fighter - 'F' 1948-Present
 North American F-86F (Sabre) Serial No: 51-2910 
Fighter - 'F' 1962-Present
 General Dynamics F-16N (Fighting Falcon) Serial No: 163269  
 Grumman F-14A (Tomcat) Serial No: 159631  
 McDonnell-Douglas F-4J (Phantom II) Serial No: 157267 
General Utility - 'J' 1931-1955
 Grumman J2F-6 (Duck) Serial No: Unknown  
Helicopter - 'H' 1962-Present
 Bell AH-1E (HUEY/COBRA) Serial No: 77-22778 
 Bell UH-1B (Huey) Serial No: 60-3614  
Patrol Bomber - 'PB' 1935-1962
 Consolidated PBY-5A (Canso A) Serial No: Unknown  
Pioneer (Pre WW-I) (USA)
 Wright 1903Flyer Serial No: Unknown 
Primary Trainer - 'PT' 1925-1947
 Ryan PT-22 (Recruit) Serial No: Unknown 
Pursuit - 'P' 1925-1947
 Curtiss P-40E (Warhawk) Serial No: Unknown 
Reconnaissance - 'R' 1962-Present
 Lockheed A-12 (Blackbird) Serial No: 60-6933 
Research - 'X' 1948-Present
 Ryan X-13A (Vertijet) Serial No: 54-1619 
Scout Bomber - 'SB' 1934-1946
 Douglas SBD-4 (Dauntless) Serial No: 06900 
 Douglas SBD-4 (Dauntless) Serial No: 6900  
Trainer, Ground (USA)
 Link Trainer Serial No: Unknown 
Trainer - 'N' 1922-1926
 Stearman N2S-3 (Kaydet) Serial No: Unknown 
Undesignated Aircraft - '!UND' 1909-1919
 Bleriot XI Serial No: Unknown  
 Curtiss A-1 (Triad) Serial No: Unknown 
 Curtiss A-2 (Pusher) Serial No: N5599N 
 Curtiss JN.4D (Jenny) Serial No: Unknown  
Utility Transport (USA)
 Ryan NYP Serial No: Unknown  
 Ryan S-T-A Serial No: Unknown 


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 Art Davis
 San Diego, California

Gentelman: I am an Instructional Assistant working at Miramar College. We receivecd a Hamelton Standard Propeller, which came off of a Grumman,OV1 Mowhawk. Do you have or do you know where we might obtain a Overhaul/Service Manual. Thanks for your time. Best Regards, Art Davis Instructional Assistant Aviation Maintenance Technology
12/15/2014 @ 09:10 [ref: 55713]
 klj, Alaska

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05/28/2012 @ 23:04 [ref: 43889]
 WIGGINS, Mississippi

09/10/2011 @ 13:09 [ref: 24202]
 Jayne Seidel
 San Diego, California

I love the Aerospace Museum. My father was a fighter pilot in World War II. I have bought books and videos from the Gift Museum and that have touched upon fighter planes in World War II for my father. He loved them!!! The displays are great and informative. I would recommend the museum to anyone to learn history and the present.
01/06/2009 @ 11:53 [ref: 8602]
 Robert M. Guay
 Las Vegas, Nevada

This is a must see for any aviation history buff! I loved the beautiful restorations by Jim Appleby. I used to read about him when I was a 13 year old in 1965! This is when Jim built his first Eindekker! Frank Tallman and Paul Mantz were my heroes! I have Mr. Wagner's book about Reuben Fleet and I was flabbergasted when I found out that the machine used by Mr. Boyle on the first airmail flight in 1918 is still around! Thank you for a great experience! I loved the plastic Anzani reproduction. I am building a model of Louis Bleriot's Model XI for the 100th anniversary. Happy Flying! Bob Guay
10/09/2008 @ 18:48 [ref: 8461]
 John cliffe
 Stoke-on-Trent, Great Britain,

Average air museum, rather disappointed to visit after seeing the web-site, lack of space is the main problem, aircraft are not small objects and fill up space pretty quick, really needs a bigger building and more exhibits.
10/06/2007 @ 04:40 [ref: 6371]
 , California

We've visited many air museums throughout the USA and the San Diego museum rates in the top group. No one can surpass Udvar-Hazy near Dulles Airport, VA, however SD has done an excellent job in what space it has. The building itself is nicely laid out in a large circle. The mural that encompasses the entire inner circle wall is priceless! As you walk the circle of history of flight there are meaningful exhibits with real aircraft. They've done an excellent job in tying in San Diego's historical connection with flight from Lindbergh to space.
09/21/2007 @ 07:58 [ref: 6328]
 Richard Mechtly
 Oak Ridge, Tennessee

I visited this museum last year and didn't expect much when I first viewed it from the outside. Wrong. The variety of aircraft from different eras and many countries is outstanding. Putting them in a diorama setting instead of just sitting in a "hanger" enhances the experience as well. The gift shop was average, but, how many places does one get to view an Apollo command module? Here is one, and it's worth visiting for it alone.
08/02/2006 @ 04:58 [ref: 5155]
 , California

I have a four year old who loves rockets, jets and aircraft. He loved the museum and the gift shop. This museum is an inspiration to young children as well as adults interested in aircraft, spacecraft, and aviation history.
11/26/2005 @ 02:00 [ref: 4617]

A small but beautiful museum!
11/08/2005 @ 14:12 [ref: 4566]


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