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Douglas C-47 (Skytrain)
Primary Role: Transport  (USAF "C" 1925-1962)

DesignationModified RoleLocationSerial / Regist.
C-47  Florida Military Aviation Museum Clearwater, Florida
   Fred E. Weisbrod Museum / International B-24 Museum Pueblo, Colorado
   Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum Kalamazoo, MichiganN90830
   Minnesota Air Guard Museum Minneapolis, Minnesota
   Museum of Alaska Transportation & Industry Wasilla, Alaska
   National Atomic Museum Kirtland AFB, New Mexico42-100995
   Pima Air & Space Museum Tucson, Arizona41-7723
   Vermont ANG - 158th FG, Burlington Burlington, Vermont43-161141
C-47A  Air Mobility Command Museum Dover AFB, Delaware42-92841
   Alaska ANG - 176th Gp, Anchorage Kulis ANGB, Alaska56-4395
   Castle Air Museum Atwater, California43-15977
   Dyess Linear Air Park Dyess AFB, Texas41-108808
   Edward F. Beale Museum Beale AFB, California42-23668
   Eighth Air Force Museum Barksdale AFB, Louisiana43-16130
   Empire State Aerosciences Museum Scotia, New York43-12061
   Historic Aircraft Restoration Projects Brooklyn, New York44-
   Museum of Alaska Transportation & Industry Wasilla, Alaska
   North Dakota ANG - 119th FG, Fargo Fargo, North Dakota42-93800
   R.C.A.F. Memorial Museum Astra, Ontario12963
   South Dakota Air and Space Museum Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota42-92127
   Strategic Air Command Museum Ashland, Nebraska43-48098
   Valiant Air Command Museum Titusville, Florida42-100591 / N3239T
VC-47A Staff transport March Field Air Museum Riverside, California43-15579
TC-47B Trainer Pope AFB Pope AFB, North Carolina44-76462
C-47B-DK  Altus AFB Altus AFB, Oklahoma43-49206
   Canada Aviation Museum +ttawa, OntarioKN451
   Hill Aerospace Museum Hill AFB, Utah43-49281
   Maxwell AFB Air Park Maxwell AFB, Alabama43-49127
   New England Escadrille Fitchburg, Massachusett45-972
   Tinker AFB Air Park Tinker AFB, Oklahoma43-49012
C-47D  Grissom Air Park - Heritage Museum Foundation Grissom AFB, Indiana
   Kelly AFB Kelly AFB, Texas43-48415
   USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park Mobile, Alabama44-76326
   United States Air Force Museum Wright-Patterson, Ohio43-49507
   Yankee Air Museum Belleville, Michigan
VC-47D Staff transport Charleston AFB Air Park Charleston AFB, South Caroli43-49355
   USAF History and Traditions Museum San Antonio, Texas44-76671
TC-47D Trainer McChord Air Museum McChord AFB, Washington44-76502
EC-47D Special electronic installation  
RC-47D Reconnaissance  
LC-47H Winterized  
VC-47H Staff transport  
EC-47H Special electronic installation  
SC-47H Anti-submarine  
C-47J  Museum of Aviation Warner Robins AFB, Georgia43-48957
EC-47J Special electronic installation  
LC-47J Winterized  
SC-47J Anti-submarine  
TC-47J Trainer  
VC-47J Staff transport  
C-47K  USAF Armament Museum Eglin AFB, Florida44-76486
TC-47K Trainer  

Douglas C-47 on display
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