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McDonnell F-101 (Voodoo)
Primary Role: Fighter  (USAF "F" 1948-Present)

DesignationModified RoleLocationSerial / Regist.
YRF-101A Reconnaissance  
F-101A  Fred E. Weisbrod Museum / International B-24 Museum Pueblo, Colorado
RF-101A Reconnaissance  
F-101B  Air Force Flight Test Center Museum Edwards AFB, California58-0288
   Air Mobility Command Museum Dover AFB, Delaware59-0428
   Castle Air Museum Atwater, California57-412
   Grand Forks AFB Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota58-315
   Hill Aerospace Museum Hill AFB, Utah57-252
   K.I. Sawyer AFB K.I. Sawyer AFB, Michigan58-0291
   March Field Air Museum Riverside, California59-0418
   McClellan Aviation Museum McClellan AFB, California57-427
   Minnesota Air Guard Museum Minneapolis, Minnesota
   North Dakota ANG - 119th FG, Fargo Fargo, North Dakota58-0341
   Oregon ANG - 142nd FG, Portland Portland, Oregon58-301
   Peterson Air & Space Museum Peterson AFB, Colorado58-274
   Pima Air & Space Museum Tucson, Arizona57-282
   Shaw AFB Shaw AFB, South Carolina58-273
   South Dakota Air and Space Museum Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota59-426
   Stout Field Military Equipment Museum Indianapolis, Indiana58-321
   Strategic Air Command Museum Ashland, Nebraska59-0462
   Tennessee ANG - 241st Chattanooga Chattanooga, Tennessee59-412
   Travis Air Force Museum Travis AFB, California58-285
   Tyndall Air Park Tyndall AFB, Florida57-332
   USAF Armament Museum Eglin AFB, Florida56-250
   USAF History and Traditions Museum San Antonio, Texas56-241
   United States Air Force Museum Wright-Patterson, Ohio58-325
   Washington ANG - HQ Tillicum, Washington58-330
   Wings Over The Rockies Aviation & Space Museum Denver, Colorado58-271
RF-101B Reconnaissance Nevada ANG - 152th RG, May ANG Base May ANGB, Nevada59-483
TF-101B Trainer  
NF-101B  Yankee Air Museum Belleville, Michigan
F-101C  Sheppard AFB Air Park Sheppard AFB, Texas56-009
RF-101C Reconnaissance Canon AFB Canon AFB, New Mexico56-187
   Keesler AFB Air Park Keesler AFB, Mississippi56-068
   Kentucky ANG - Boone National guard Center Frankfort, Kentucky56-125
   Maxwell AFB Air Park Maxwell AFB, Alabama56-135
   Museum of Aviation Warner Robins AFB, Georgia56-210
   Pima Air & Space Museum Tucson, Arizona56-214
   Selfridge Military Air Museum Selfridge ANG Bas, Michigan56-048
   Shaw AFB Shaw AFB, South Carolina56-099
   United States Air Force Museum Wright-Patterson, Ohio56-166
F-101F  Air Power Park and Museum Hampton, Virginia56-0246
   Dyess Linear Air Park Dyess AFB, Texas57-287
   Empire State Aerosciences Museum Scotia, New York59-413
   Florida Military Aviation Museum Clearwater, Florida
   Malmstrom AFB Museum and Air Park Malmstrom AFB, Montana59-419
   Museum of Aviation Warner Robins AFB, Georgia58-276
   North Dakota ANG - 119th FG, Fargo Fargo, North Dakota58-311
   Valiant Air Command Museum Titusville, Florida59-0400
RF-101G Reconnaissance  
RF-101H Reconnaissance Kentucky ANG - 123rd AW, Louisville Louisville, Kentucky56-001
   Pima Air & Space Museum Tucson, Arizona56-0011

McDonnell F-101 on display
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Pima Air & Space Museum

Malmstrom AFB Museum and Air Park

Pima Air & Space Museum